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If you do not like sexual topics you do not have to read this

"Hello Ms. Yoon. How was your vacation?" The boy behind the desk asked. I walked up to him.
"Hello Jaekwon, It was good. How are you?" I asked him, my arms leaning on the desk.
"I'm doing fine today. We have some news."
"Oh really, what's up?"
"We have a new BellBoy for your penthouse elevator."
"Oh really, Thank you for telling me."
"He will be over in a minute." The phone rung, he held up his finger and answered the phone. I just stood there looking around waiting for the new face to pop up. I saw a handsome man walk around the corner with a confused face. I walked up to him,
"Hello sir, do you need help today, i'd be happy to help."
"No i'm fine i'm just waiting for someone."
"Oh ok, I hope to see you around. Enjoy your stay." I bowed and walked back to the desk waiting for his call to be over. His call ended and I waited for him to introduce me.
"Oh there he is." He walked over to someone and I followed him.
"Here he is." I looked up at the face. I bowed.
"Hello, i'm (y/n) (l/n)." He bowed respectfully.
"Hello, it's nice to meet you Ms. (y/n), My name is Kim Namjoon." It was the same guy as before.
"Since Ms. (y/n) has just comeback from a vacation she has a few suitcases to bring up." Jaekwon said.
"Of course, I'll bring them up for you."
"Oh yes, she is also on the very top penthouse."
I walked outside with Namjoon and grabbed the suitcases bringing them to the elevator.
"You don't need to help me, it's my job to do this."
"It's fine, it wouldn't feel fair to have you do all the work, while I just stand here."
"Just don't lower my paycheck." We both shared a laugh. The elevator doors closed, I waited for the elevator to move.
"Oh yeah." I grabbed the key card from my purse and slid it pressing the Penthouse button.
"What is that?" He asked.
"It's a card to get in the penthouse, you can't get in without a keycard." The bell dinged indicating we were at the floor. The doors opened revealing the open hallway with a grand staircase. I grabbed my luggage and brought it outside the elevator into the hallway.
"Need help with anything else?"
"Yeah can you just help me bringing these to my bedroom, then thats it."
"How long have you been working here, I was gone for about 3 weeks."
"Just a day ago."
"Really. Well, just take it easy."
"I will." We reached my bedroom that was pristine.
"You can just put them there." I pointed to the corner.
"I'll put you there." His voice went deep and his look became darker. He grabbed my wrist and pinned me to the wall. My face was up against the wall as his front was against my back. His lips grazed my neck, and his hands roamed my back. They reached my butt and groped it, smacking it after. A small moan brushed between my lips.
"You like that baby?" His voice was teasing me.
"mmm." I hummed, getting lost in his touch. His finger then moved to my front and brushed my clothed nipples lightly. The ticklish sensation only lasted for a second then arised again as he touched it again. His hand moved under my shirt and pinched my hard nipple. I bit my lip as he continued to touch me in dirty places. His long warm fingers grazed many sensitive parts of my body, he knew many of my weaknesses. He nibbled a small part of my neck, licking it afterwards. My whole body shivered as he blew on it, that part getting cool. His hands underneath my shirt irritated me, my shirt was getting in the way.
"I think this would be easier if my shirt was off."
"Not yet baby. I'll have you begging for me later." Before I could whine he grabbed my wrists and put me on the bed. His knees locking my legs and his hands were free.
His hands landed on my shirt and said, "Fuck it." He pulled my shirt off of me and threw it across the room landing on my vanity. His hands landed on the clasp and undid it, my breasts finally having time to breathe. I heaved a sigh of relief, another layer off. His hands reached my breasts and cupped them. He licked my jaw and moved down, licking the empty space between them, skipping the sensitive part. His tongue moved south reaching my belly button leaving a thin trail of saliva. His tongue licked back up teasing me purposely not touching my breasts.
"Namjoon..." I whined, getting tired of his teasing.
"Yes baby?"
"Please what baby?" He continued to lick my body.
"Please stop teasing me."
"I'll do that if you... call me daddy." A smirk formed on his face.
"Please... Daddy stop teasing me."
"Oh fuck baby." His face went near mine and he kissed me. He went straight to tongues, he didn't bother the childs play. My hand roamed his back and my nails dug into it as his teeth encaptured my nipple, biting it softly. A soft moan left my lips as a groan of satisfaction left his. He lifted up his head and bit my bottom lip, sucking lightly. I pressed on his chest with my hands, and he got up sitting back. I took the chance to jump on him and flip our positions.
"It's time for me to pleasure you daddy."
"Oh babe." I slowly played with the fun parts of his pants, teasing him. I undid the button, pulling down the zipper slowly. I felt that the pants were keeping his package in place, I took a strong grip before pulling the pants off his legs. They slipped off quite easily, they were loose pants. I gripped the waistband of the boxers and pulled the item of clothing off him, his package sprung free.
"Your a big one, will it fit?"
"I'm pretty sure it will." He smirked.
"Getting cocky now are we." Our position flipped once again. He used his tongue and left a trail down my tummy down to my lower sensitive area. I felt myself getting wetter as I saw him go lower. His tongue touched the fabric seperating, his tongue and my heat. His fingers started to stroke my clothed sensative part.
"Why the need to wear fancy underwear?"
"What do you mean, I wear lace underwear everyday."
"I'll remember that." My breath became unstable as he continued to stroke me there.
"You like this?"
"Not as much without the clothes." I laughed.
"I told you, I'll make you beg for what you want."
"Please daddy, take my clothes off." I groaned yearning for more pleasure.
"One more time."
"Please take off my clothes daddy." I made a pouty face. It didn't take him long to rip my under garnment off.
"Oh fuck baby. Your so wet for me." His face lowered on to my heat, blowing onto it. I slight moan escaped my lips. His tongue touched a sensative spot which made me twitch under him. His tongue moved in small circular motions, only making me wetter and more aroused. His tongue touched my clit, licking it slowly, making it all the more pleasurable. It felt so good, I forgot to breathe altogether.
"Fuck Namjoon!!" I yelled without thinking. He slapped my ass cheeks.
"What's my name?"
"What's my name?" He slapped my ass again.
"Fuck Daddy!!" His tongue kept going, as he smacked my ass.
"That's it baby." His tongue finally dipped in me slowly, retreating, then repeating the process.
"oooh, Fuck." My hands brushed through his hair, softly pulling. His tongue touched every sensitive part, bringing me absolute pleasure. His tongue lightly brushed my g spot but he pulled away. He stood up and towered over my weak body, our breath was the only thing heard. His bulging length poked my thigh, making my heat wetter. But he got up and grabbed something from the floor. He brought it to my wrists and tied them together, but then he tied it to the head board. His bare but well build chest was in front of me as he tied me up. I don't know why I dodn't protest at all, but I still wanted to try, willing to experience new things. His hands pumped his length a few times before rubbing my clit with the tip. My breath quickened and my moans grew louder, want his cock in me already. My legs stiffened as his cock touched my entrance, not going in yet. He was teasing my waiting for me to beg for him to fuck me. His tip pressed on the entrance not going in, then rubbing my folds. He looked at me with lust filled eyes.
"Fuck me daddy!" I begged and he immediately obeyed. His tip pushed into my entrance slowly. His tip passed my g spot, grazing it softly then dipping even deeper in me. My walls clenched around his length first, but loosened a bit as I adjusted. I moaned as soon as I felt his his move back, but he slammed back in me making me moan even louder.
"How is it baby?" He groaned after moving back in, going deeper.
"Fuck daddy! Go harder." I said breathless. I wanted to wrap my arms around him, but the cloth stopped me from doing so. My body felt worn out already, but I knew that he wouldn't stop there. His thrusts only grew rougher and harder creating a feeling i've never felt before.
"Oh fuck, right there, yess!" His length kept hitting the same spot bringing me over the edge. I wrapped my free legs around his waist, so he could go deeper.
"Fuck babygirl. Your so tight." I felt my walls get tighter around him, I was getting close.
"I'm gonna cum daddy..." I said feeling the pleasure pool up. I was about to release but he pulled out at the worst time. A frown formed on my face and I glared at him.
"You gotta beg baby. Now turn around." He pumped his shaft as he waited for me to turn over. I flipped myself so I was now on my stomach and he pulled me up so my ass was now up for show. Before I knew it, he eased himself in from behind me. His tip poked my walls from this angle making me moan.
"Fuck, fuck , fuck, ahhh." His finger was added to the equation which drove me crazy. His finger made circles around my clit, I bent my head backwards but his other hand grabbed my hair, as he bumped faster in me. This man was driving me crazy, with all the new features added to the feeling. I felt myself getting closer to my climax.
"Please let me cum daddy." I said continuing to moan.
"Alright baby, cum all over my cock." His thrusts got slower as I felt myself starting my climax all over again. My walls tightened and the pleasure started, my moaning was uncontrollable as he thrusted into me as I was in the middle of my climax. He slowed down as my climax was ending, he was about to cum as well. He pulled out and sat in front of me, his legs between my arms.
"Suck me baby." I obeyed and kissed his tip before taking him whole. He moaned as I continued to bob my head on his cock. Without warning he came in my mouth, spilling his seed. I released his cock leaving him moaning and swallowed all his seed.
"What a good baby." He patted my head and walked over to his clothes.
"When's your next vacation?" He asked slipping his pants on.
"March 7th."
"I'll be sure to prepare for an even better welcome back gift." He put his shirt on and left me, still tied up.

This is my first entry for the house of Exctessy. I hope you enjoyed.

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