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(Jackson @ Taokaenoi Event)

Hello IGOT7! My name is Melissa. I'm happy to say that I'm a new mod support for GOT7. Thank you @luna1171 for asking me to join this fantastic team. Let me share some information about myself.
My name is Melissa Garza. I'm a native Texan. I was born and raised in the big state of Texas. I was born in Corpus Christi, TX. I currently live in Waco, TX. I had always lived in Texas except for two years in California. I work in a manufacturing plant in McGregor, TX. Its called Trane Company. We manufacture commercial air conditioners. I'm single and have no children. (maybe shouldn't mention that lol) I'm Hispanic Latina. My family is a mixture of different Spanish countries. A different kind of mutt.
Now for my kpop love.
My UB is Sunwoo from Boys Republic.
I'm basically kpop trash because I'm a multiple kpop fan and in multiple fandom.
I'm in multiple mod support like
- Beast
- BlackPink
- BtoB
- Infinite
- Jay Park
- Super Junior
- Topp Dogg
- Winner
I'm also Moderator for Boys Republic
I'm also part of GOTW team
And now I'm part of GOT7!
I know it seems a lot of support but somehow I make it work. I'm a devoted kpop fan and thanks to Vingle I can devote all my free time to them.
I'll be supporting Jackson on Tuesdays. I'm really looking forward to showing love and appreciation for this handsome and sexy guy. Jackson is my bias wrecker from GOT7. Jinyoung was my wrecker but Jackson wrecked him out. I just hope he doesn't wreck my bias JB out. *worried face. So be on the look out for my Wild & Sexy Jackson cards. I'll try to keep you entertained with Jackson.

Here is tweet I saw today of Jackson. I'm sure you've seen but I had to share.
GOT7 Mod Squad

Hi can you please tag me?
@jademarie4567 sure we can
@luna1171 Thank you! I'm looking forward to it
Thank you Melissa for your support 🤗
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