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Alright this is the final part! Hope you guys enjoy it!!
Kris’ POV
“Hyung, you’re an idiot,” Jongin growled as soon as Avery slammed the door.
“I’m the idiot?” I wheeled around to face him, breathing hard.
“Yes,” Jongin nodded, his eyes flashing in anger, “What was that? I get you were worried about her but it was obvious she was with the hyungs. We told you that. You just wouldn’t listen.”
“You guys were just guessing,” I retorted folding my arms.
“Yeah but it was a pretty high chance she was with them,” Xiumin interjected.
“Look,” Jongin spoke again, “My point is you didn’t have to be such a tool. I told you not to hurt her! You said you wouldn’t! So what are you doing?”
“I-I don’t know,” My shoulders sagged in defeat, “She just makes me so mad sometimes.”
“Why?” Luhan rose an eyebrow, “Because her whole world doesn’t revolve around you?”
“N-no,” I shook my head. That wasn’t it was it? That’s so shallow, “I just wish she would tell me what she’s doing…and come to me when she needs help…and not be with you guys all the time instead of with me.”
“Yeah,” Suho chuckled, “What Luhan hyung said. You’re upset because her world doesn’t revolve around you. She has a life. She does other things. You have to accept that. You don’t need to know every little last thing she does. You’re not married, heck you’re not even dating.”
“Yeah you kinda blew that chance,” Sehun mumbled.
“Shut up Sehunah,” I growled. I was gonna fix this. I had to fix this. I moved to bang on Avery’s door when I was stopped by Jongin.
“Don’t,” He shook his head, “Give her time.”
“How do you know?” I narrowed my eyes at Jongin.
“Dabeanie and I have been friends since we were in diapers, we grew up together,” Jongin answered, “We’ve been in a few fights in that time.”
“Why didn’t you and Dabeanie ever date?” Tao asked suddenly.
“Date Dabeanie,” Jongin crinkled his nose, “I love her to death, and whoever ends up with her is a very lucky man…but I’d rather run through a fan signing naked than date her.”
“Ouch,” Chen snickered.
“I don’t mean it in a mean way,” Jongin groaned, “Just that there are absolutely no romantic feelings at all between us.”
“Good,” I nodded curtly, “Now I’m gonna go…I guess I’ll talk to her later.”
I headed down the hall and towards the elevator. I needed to go for a walk to clear my mind and calm down. I really wanted to fix things with Avery. I can’t believe I was such a jerk to her. What is my problem? Why do I let her make me so angry? Why can’t I just be ok with the fact that she has a life and other friends? I really need to work on that.
Avery’s POV
I heard the door to the bathroom open and then Jongin’s voice.
“Jagiya, you ok?” He asked. I peeked my head around the shower curtain. Jongin was leaning against the sink, his arms at his side as he nervously played with his fingers. He looked up when he heard the curtain move, his eyes full of worry.
“Not really, no,” I answered honestly.
“Wanna talk about it?” Jongin asked.
“I dunno,” I frowned, “I just wanna get out…distract myself for a bit.”
“Tell you what, Suho hyung and Xiumin hyung will take you out,” Jongin suggested, “And the rest of us will take care of things here.”
“You sure?” I bit my lip, unsure.
“Of course,” Jongin smiled, “We’d do anything for you. We love you Dabeanie.”
“Ok get out so I can get dressed and give you a hug,” I grinned.
“It’s not like I haven’t seen it before,” Jongin reminded me.
“Heor! Oppa!” I shook my head, “That doesn’t count! We were kids!”
“So last year we were kids?” Jongin snickered.
“Oh…” I paused, “You did walk in on me…still, doesn’t mean you need to see it again.”
“Fine with me,” Jongin rose his hands in defeat, laughing. He walked out of the bathroom and I quickly got out and wrapped a towel around my body. I stepped out into the room where Jongin was laying on the bed, watching TV.
“Ooh, nothing but a towel on,” Jongin winked, “So scandalous.”
“Shut up and get out,” I pointed to the door.
“I thought I was gonna get a hug,” Jongin teased.
“Am I dressed yet? I don’t think so,” I pointed out. Jongin laughed and got off the bed. He gave me a soft kiss on my forehead before walking out of the room. I quickly got ready and headed back out into the hall.

Suho, Xiumin, and Jongin were all waiting, the rest of the boys elsewhere.
“Thank you,” I smiled as I wrapped my arms around Jongin’s neck. His arms snaked around my waist and he buried his face in my hair.
“Anytime,” He whispered before letting go, “Now go play with the hyungs.”
“Let’s go,” Suho grinned, taking my hand in his and leading me to the elevator. Xiumin followed us, beginning to make plans.
“What should we do first? Maybe breakfast?” Xiumin suggested.
“Yes please,” I nodded, “I’m starving.”
We stepped out of the elevator and headed to the nearest café for breakfast.
“Where to next?” Suho asked, as he finished his last bite of toast.
“Let’s just street shop,” I said, “We’re in Hongdae, there’s a lot of things to see.”
“Sounds good to me,” Xiumin answered as he stood up to go pay. We headed back out onto the streets and began to walk, looking at all the street shops. Eventually we passed a tattoo parlor, stopping me in my tracks.
“Let’s go, I pointed.
“Tattoos?” Suho rose an eyebrow.
“Yes, let’s do it,” I grabbed the two of them and pulled them into the parlor. After several minutes of debate and arguing I finally convinced them to get tattoos. Small ones, but tattoos all the same. I got into the chair first and the artist began the tattoo on my ribcage. The quote said she flies with her own wings in Latin, a phrase that I have liked for some time now.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Suho groaned as I squeezed his hand tightly.
“It’s fun,” I smiled…well, more of a grimace from the pain.
“You’re so crazy,” Xiumin shook his head, laughing.
Once the tattoo artist was done with mine, Suho sat in the chair. The artist began tattooing an arrow in an infinity loop on his wrist.

Xiumin went next, getting a compass on his ankle.

We paid the dude and wandered back onto the street, going into shops here and there. By the time we made it back to the hotel we were laden down shopping bags. I dropped my stuff on the bed, a paper on the pillow catching my eye. I picked it up and saw familiar writing, penning a note.
My Lovely Dabeanah~
I’m sorry about today. Please forgive me. Let me make it up to you. Meet me at the Han River park at 7. Dress up.
Love always,
I frowned slightly as I glanced at the clock. It was 6;30…I had thirty minutes. Thank goodness Suho convinced me to buy that dress…and the shoes. I spent the next thirty minutes getting ready. When I finished I took a deep breath and took a taxi to the river. I rounded a corner and stopped in my tracks shocked. It was beautiful. There was a table set up under a tree. Lights were going up the tree and there were lanterns hanging and on the ground, both giving off a soft light.

Kris stood off to the side of the table, a bouquet of roses in his hand. And wow he looked hot in that tux.
“Hi,” Kris smiled softly.
“Oh my gosh,” I put my hands over my mouth, “Oppa you did all this?”
“Of course,” Kris nodded. He set the roses down and walked over to me, pulling me into his arms, “The boys helped me put it together for you.”
“Oppa,” I whispered, tears coming to my eyed, “You did this for me?”
“I care about you,” Kris answered, “I’m sorry I’ve been such a jerk. I just…this is the first time I’ve liked someone so much. I’m trying to figure out this whole jealousy thing.”
“You were jealous?” I asked, surprised.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” Kris seemed shocked that I was surprised, “You’re amazing and anyone would be lucky to have you. I’m afraid I could lose you to someone else at any moment. I mean, I know the boys say they aren’t interested but that could change. Or some other guy could come along and you could change your mind and-“
“Oppa, oppa,” I interrupted his rambling, “I’m not gonna leave you. I’ll never leave you,” I took a deep breath before speaking again, “I love you.”
Kris paused, looking shocked. Oh no, what did I just do? A smile broke out onto his face and he leaned down and kissed me softly.
“I love you too,” Kris told me. He kissed me again before leading me to the table.
“You look beautiful by the way,” Kris murmured as we began eating.
“Thanks,” I blushed “You look very handsome yourself.”
We continued to eat and talk. Everything was going so well. This night was perfect. After we finished Kris led me to a hammock he had set up. Lights were in the overhanging trees and pillows and blankets were piled on the hammock.

We both slipped off our shoes and Kris took off his jacket before we both climbed into the hammock and cuddled up. Kris threw a blanket over the two of us and I laid my head on his chest, his arms around my waist.
“Thanks for this oppa,” I smiled at Kris and gave him a kiss.
“Anytime jagiya, Kris relied, “Anytime.”

Welp...that's the end of this very long oneshot...hope you enjoyed it. I'll be back soon with a much shorter BTS oneshot...and I actually have a couple Fanfictions I'm working on that I might put up soon. ^^ Until then 사랑해!! ❤❤