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A lot of fans have been worried for Jinwoon's well-being after his accident and subsequent surgery, and the 2AM maknae is making sure to assure them he's okay. Jinwoon posted the following letter on 2AM's official fan cafe: "Hello. I felt that fans were worrying a lot, so I'm leaving a post. Firstly, I apologize for causing so much worry. The accident was bigger than expected, so I'm sure you were all shocked. The staff and I are in the midst of receiving treatment though. I'm very thankful that so many people are praying and worrying for us. I wanted to let you all know that we were fine as soon as possible, and I'm sorry that this message is a little late. I'll greet you all in a healthy state as soon as I can. I'm very sorry, and I thank you. I ask that you support the three of us, so we can recover soon." His agency previously revealed that the vehicle Jinwoon was in collided with a 25-ton truck at 11:30PM on October 6. He fractured his right ankle and received a laceration about 10cm (4in) long. This is the first time fans have heard from Jinwoon himself since the accident. It's good to know he's okay!