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Ever since miss A's Suzy and actor Sung Joon were spotted hanging out, fans and netizens have been speculating that the former 'Book of the House of Gu' co-stars are an item. Though both JYPE and Sung Joon's agency have denied the rumors explaining that the two stars are just friends, recent photos of Suzy wearing a so-called 'couple ring' at her birthday party are further fueling talk that she and Sung Joon are indeed a couple. Netizen detectives have supposedly come up with evidence that the ring she is wearing is part of a couple set. JYP Entertainment has stepped up once again to put the angry fan boys' worries to rest. A rep stated, "The ring on Suzy's fourth finger is not a couple ring with Sung Joon. The ring in question is an accessory from her promotions as an endorsement model. There's no special meaning to it." What do you think of the rumors?