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If the posters weren't enough, 'The Future Choice' (English title: 'Marry Him If You Dare') has unveiled a 10 minute preview to satisfy your craving for more details about the upcoming drama! The preview shows Na Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye) meeting her destiny in more ways than one with the unannounced appearance of her future self who goes back in time to make sure she stays far away from her future husband, announcer Kim Shin (Lee Dong Gun). But even with the future guidance, Na Mi Rae ends up falling into the arms of her destiny. Meanwhile, Park Sae Ju (Yonghwa) goes undercover as a rookie VJ when he's really the grandson of the YBS broadcast station's CEO. Will Na Mi Rae's future self be successful in getting her younger self to choose Park Sae Ju (Yonghwa) over Kim Shin (Lee Dong Gun)? Watch the preview while you wait for the premiere of 'The Future Choice' on the 14th!
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oooooohhhhhmmmm it will soooo funny !!!!can't wait to watch '+"