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Song Joong Ki recently attended the basic training completion ceremony at the recruitment training center. It appears the photos were taken of Song Joong Ki at the completion ceremony after successfully completing five weeks of basic training and his fans are concerned about his gaunt appearance. A representative of the military corps revealed on the 5th, "It was decided to place Song Joong Ki at the 22nd Division Search Battalion." The battalion into which Song Joong Ki has been placed involves troops that perform military actions behind enemy lines so it requires more intense training than the general unit. Netizens who saw these latest pictures of him said, "Why does he look so tired?" "His face looks so gaunt," and "It's nice to see him at his completion ceremony." Song Joong Ki is expected to be disharged on May 26, 2015. Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
Joong ki Gwenchanayo??.. take care always ok..God Bless You
ooo nooo..he looks exhausted.