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Lee Min Ho appeared on SBS's 'One Night of TV Entertainment' with some of his other 'Heirs' cast members to answer interview questions. On this day, the actor revealed that he did not find himself very good-looking, explaining that his double eyelids and overall face were too thick. He also said he liked co-stars Kim Woo Bin's charismatic, manly face and Hyungsik's cute look, even trying to copy the latter by showing his own aegyo--although he initially did not want to in fear of being compared. Still, he managed to pull it off! Check out the video clip above at 2:42 to watch his full interview.
@saharhyunjoong I sure agree with you about how "pure sweet and humble" LMH is...I will love that boy forever! :)
@hebamaher yup they r r really lucky 4 oppa 2 think like dat about them they r really @danieselane773 dis just proves my oppa is pure sweet and humble and i just love him 4 dat <3 <3 <3 :) don't worry oppa rventhgh i love oppa kim woo bin and hung sik but u r my favorite oppa so i will say it u r defintely really btr looking U R THE BEST OPPA MUAHHHS <3 <3 :-*
OMO...My LMH has killer looks and is a handsome beautiful man bigtime :) As far as I'm concerned no one can compare to him.
yee hahahahha i think they are lucky because he said that he gave him courage :D
i knw 4 sure oppa kim woo bin and yung sik will be happy 4 sure after hearing dat <3 :)
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