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Finally had the chance to watch the first 2 episodes from heirs and i have to say that they were a pretty interesting start in a (hopefully good) drama :) Well i had to say something to the english in this drama because i had high hopes in it :D My top three of koren-english speakers so far in this drama: 1. The fiancee - only had one sentence but that was perfect pronounced 2. Park shin hye - good english for a korean ^^ you can actually understand what she is saying without subtitles haha i really need them too many times normally ;) 3. lee min ho - sorry min ho oppa but i can only say...well nice try but it was only decent. his english was good as long he had to say one sentence but as soon as he had to speak more.....well it was decent ;) lee min ho oppa fightiiing !!! kekeke
so here's my two cents ... firstly this is a Korean drama ... why are we exacting perfect English ... seriously!!! ... are we watching MinHo for his English ... watch any other foreign film and most actors i.e. French or Spanish etc. stick to their accent ... secondly the stars in this are the principal Korean actors and the production made no promises of prominent secondary leads ... as for meatier dialogues ... hopefully the writers will step up to the plate or else it would be a shame to put these stellar line-up to waste ... Peace :D
@LilyAmr check !
lee min hos english was truly horriable! lol but as a fan, we got to accept everything about him! hahah, but reallybetter english would have been better~! park shin hye's english was average aswell but the thing with her, is that shes playing a role of a person that doesnt understand english, so her quirky english can be overlooked!~
i'vn't seen ep 2 yet I can't find it could someone share the ep link plzzzz
even lmh doesnt seem good to speak english he do all his best in this drama.....his more cute and lovable here...i like him more.....
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