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Love Triangle (inuyasha fan fiction)Β 

Hello guys i know i said i would post yesterday but i lost track of time also heads up this is a short chapter i kinda lost ideas for this one but i will make sure the others are better. If you guys can get me feedback on my story please i want to make sure you guys are enjoying the story. Thanks much love. Hope you have a great day or night love you guys.

Love triangle
Chapter four
~Inuyasha POV
I went outside for a walk since I already ate breakfast...but why does Y/N have to be so beautiful even in the morning....& why is she giving me these type of feelings to me.....
~Your POV~
I got out of the shower & go downstairs to meet Inuyasha but he wasn't there.
"Rosa do you know where Inuyasha went?"
"No ma'am I don't but your breakfast is ready would you like blueberries or mango??"
"Both please."
I wonder he could be....
~Inuyasha POV~
Hm I see it cherry blossoms season....Y/N is like a cherry blossom....small yet beautiful....lovely yet deathly....quite yet wonderful ah Inuyasha stop you won't have a change while her father is here....she probably doesn't even like you.... But if we do date would we last, would she still be able to rule her country, will her father accept this, will she love me the way I love her??? All these questions.... She probably doesn't even love in fact like me anyways....

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