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馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏 Ayeeee thats my boyyy
I have been trickedd 馃槶馃槶馃槶
kookie congratulations on your graduation look I think all of the boys should try to speak or study english more english is such an important language I get that they know some words but I want them to learn more I just think it's important for k pop artist actresses and actors ect.... to use english I understand it's hard for them sometimes to speak english I am getting frustrated because rap monster said that his members can't speak english well or at all and rap monster knows english I just wish he could teach them or help them study english
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@hskswife oh ok
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Lol but Yoongi eating in the bg (last gif) 馃槀 @kimnam94
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Awww I got excited. I thought he got better at English 馃槀
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I love how Yoongi just sits there and finishes his pizza. I knew there was a reason he was my UB.
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