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''Wait..what? You think my skirt is too short and that you can see my ass the next time i walk?....but...but my dress has a turtleneck!....well you can't see anything from my neck till my belly!' You know that feeling, when you see a kpop music video or a korean drama and you see a girl with suuuuch a short skirt and the next thing you notice (even as a girl) is that you get big goggleyes and can't help but stare if you see anything...well i guess like pop out of that dress? - No? well maybe it's just me but you have to admit that you've noticed how those korean girls can wear super short skirts and shorts without beeing stared on as long as the top covers the upper section? I guess that's korean logic keke ^^ Tell me in the comments if you also sit there with goggleeyes and wait for the ''pop'' (pleeaase let me know that i'm not the only one hahaha) - carolon :*
@8906kyh ..calm down girl..sorry if you are korean. ok
this post wasn't meant to be insulting.. you know ? definetely meant in a funny way. calm down :)
@tyta468 Most of Korean doesn't wear like that shirts and wear a these shirts is personal individuality. Also Korea isn't always cold, we have four seasons. And we weren't need your understanding.