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Hello Bebes, today is a very special day for me. My Ultimate Bias Lee SeYoung not only turns 27 today, But Cross Gene released that album! Well technically Yesterday in Korea, but still. Today is a pretty amazing day!!

This card will be all about him, and how he won me over.

For The time you stared into my soul . . . (I was weak and vulnerable)

When you made me laugh when you put your members on blast and threw shade at them. . . You knew what you were doing with that smile you had. . .

Sangmin my poor bebe was the first victim. . .
Shin, food isn't a hassle sir. In fact, food and hassle should never be in the same sentence. . .
Just look at his, "I'm coming for you Maknae smirk". . .
You cant see but after Seyoung said, "How can I put this?" Yongseok begs him to say it nicely and made the others laugh. . .
Commence Yongseoks death of embarassment in 3.2.1. . .
It was at this time you could hear Seokies soul leave his body. . . Seyoungie had no chill whatsoever. . . This is the man I love. . .

How about the time you called the maknae out again?

Seyoung is out to get you EM. .
Seyoungie again showed his chill. . . or lack of rather. . .

When I wanted to screech at you. . .
When I wanted to hug the sh*t outta you for being too damn adorable. .
You turned my list upside down, but I was glad you did. You became my #1 right after you joined Cross Gene and I cannot begin to explain how much I have enjoyed these waves of feels and emotions. You are the epitome of perfection in itself, as well as being an angel. Happy Birthday Angel and I hope it is/was a great one!!!

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CandY Babies

It's a bit late but happy birthday 🎁 plz tag me in further cards I want to learn more about them
Absolutely!! I will add you to the tag
Love this! Happy Birthday Seyoung!
Thank you Dani!
Happy Birthday Sey!!!!
omg yassss its oppa's birthday!!@
Happy Birthday Seyoung!
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