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Hello ARMYS, we are celebrating Valentine's day a bit early this week. But don't be alarmed its a fun week we have planned! I have quite a bit of locations where I would take this man.
To start us off we would have a night adventure out in the city. I really enjoy the city life especially at night time. You get to see all the lights, there is a different type of atmosphere at night.
It wouldn't matter which city we went to. Be it in Korea or in the US. I'm happy with which ever city. We would go to a karaoke bar and have a fun night trying to sing and rap. (Since I can sing some pretty high notes Namjoon would sing those parts. Since he is amazing at rapping I would try and rap other parts.) Just a fun night filled with joy and laughter.
The next date would consist of us going on a small hike. Just being out in the natire is relaxing after having a busy night out in the city. We pack our bags with a few snacks and lots of water to chug along the way.
With no time limit, besides the sun, we enjoy watchings as squirrels run across the floor. Birds chirp in the background. A game of tag is sure to be involved, cause why not chase someone through a forest.
It's fun they say.... tripping on logs is great they say....
That night is filled with a warm bed and cuddles. A cute lil Rap Mon sleeping down by our feet.
Movies in bed. Chocolate to snack on. Rose petals all over the floor. Ideal type of stay in kind of date. Even though we enjoy going out, staying at home is always were we feel more comfortable.
I best be getting that ring in the morning. With some breakfast in bed. I'm just saying.
But come on, if my man looked like this everyday, YOU BET I WOULD SHOW HIM OFF AT SOME POINT. That is after I've had him to myself.

All 3 of my ideal dates with this guy. I wish them to happen even just in my dreams every night. Please please please let it come true in some other dimension or reality!
wow only if dreams become a reality damn that would be really nice I have a question if we are in bed are we going to kiss cuddle watch tv and eat snacks talk or is something else going down if you know what I mean? the night life is beautiful so is mother nature I would rather be with mother nature then go out at night because things can get crazy during the night time lol
awesome dates! 😆
Very cute date.