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Hello my fellow INSPIRITS and Sunkgyu Stans!

This week in the INFINITE community we will not be doing member cards as we are focused on the Birthday Countdown for Nam Woohyun. We hope you will join us in celebrating the birthday of our sweet main vocal and Woo Hamster Bunny Boo Boo. You can check out all the details >>>HERE<<<

Having said that, I missed bringing you all a tasty slice of Sungkyu pie this week. Perhaps you missed him as much as I did? Well, have no fear as I am here to bring you a special card all about our favorite leader-nim Kim Sungkyu.

If you haven't yet succumbed to the charms of this wonderful man, I warn you -


Sungkyu isn't known as the sexy one of the bunch. He rarely shows off his body, doesn't act particulary sexy, doesn't grind on the floor, only does hip thrusts in line with the other members when it's part of the choreography, hell, he isn't considered handsome by Korean standards and I've even seen comments from international "fans" saying he isn't good looking. While that is an entirely different conversation for a different occasion, my point is, there are very few instances where fans and critics can look at Kim Sungkyu and be wowed by his "sexiness".

And you know what, that's okay. As a Sungkyu stan, I can honestly say I don't need him to be overtly sexual, I don't need him to take off his shirt or dance dirty. His personality is sexy, the way he looks is gorgeous and he's bias worthy just the way he is. Let's take a look at some of the many reasons why.

Grandpa Gyu

Cutie Gyu

Shocked Gyu

Cocky Gyu

Savage Gyu

Leader Gyu

Cross-dressing Gyu

Sexy Gyu... Well, what happens when he tries to be sexy

These are all wonderful reasons to love Kim Sungkyu. He's just a wonderful person, cares for his members, is full of sass and aegyo. Honestly, he doesn't need to take off his shirt, have chisled abs and whip out the sexy for us. Kim Sungkyu is more than enough without those things.

.... but every once in a while, the Gyu shocks us all....

Is he threatening your bias list yet??

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This is why he's my wrecker. He so damn cute and loving like it gets harder and harder to resist this man 😍
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I have Dongwoo but SungKyu can be bias 2 in infinite
omg this man is death!!! he was my UB for the longestttrtrt and somehow still manages to sway my hearteu and mindeu. He's absolutely handsome to me. 😍😍😍😍😍😍 he has beautiful thighs πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ and voice and I love his grandpa swagger. oppa notice us lol
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I agree. I understand μ–Έλ‹ˆ, he's a precious gem. ahhh
I love how you have fallen for this man
You mean flat on my face, hitting every root and bramble as I tumbled forcefully down the rabbit hole?
I'm stuck between his cutie and leader sides 😊
he was always my Bias Wrecker, this is just more of him not staying in his lane.., and I don't mind.. I for one am one of the INSPIRITS that thinks he's gorgeous, proud to be a fan, and claim him whenever DongWoo isn't around. heck I'd even claim him while he was. they're both my awesome amazing Oppas! also you nearly killed me with Sexy Gyu. this whole card is wonderful.