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Valentines is just around the corner, well a few days away lol. And with BlackPink doing their fun fan fiction. I tried my hand at it.

Its very fluffy, and little bit of denial and crushes, lol Anyway, Enjoy!

"Valentine's day is coming up" Lisa said as she looked through the calendar.
"So is music bank, our photo shoot, and a trip for a week" Ji soo said peeking over her shoulder.
The two girls were looking at the calendar hanging on the fridge. They kept it there along with several other big notes to remind them of things. After all, the kitchen was the one place in their dorm that they all ended up in the most. Except when dieting, then each would stare towards the kitchen longingly.
"But it's a holiday!" Lisa sputtered.
"You don't have a boyfriend so what would it matter?" Ji soo shrugged.
"Yah! I could have a guy I like!" Lisa exclaimed.
"What about your childhood friend?" Jennie questioned walked into the kitchen.
"Hey! I didn't even mention him" Lisa exclaimed turning towards Jennie. She had grabbed an orange off the counter and sat down.
"Guy you like, childhood friend you have crush on. Same thing" Jennie shrugged.
"You like Bam bam?' Ji soo exclaimed making Jennie laugh.
"I do not!" Lisa said
"What is all this yelling?" Rose asked coming into the kitchen.
"As I wanted to say" lisa gave a look to the other two girls. "I want to do something for valentines day" she said.
"You don't have a boyfriend" Rose stated.
"Shut up! I know I don't" she laughed. "The 4 of us! I want to make chocolate" Lisa said.
"Oh we can give it to our choreography group" Ji soo said.
"Those guys? Hm that's a good idea" Jennie grinned.
"That's your excuse to give Eko chocolates!' Rose laughed looking at Jennie. A blush tinted her face.
"You like him!" Lisa stared at her friend.
"Maybe" Jennie said "okay, so the day before we make chocolate!" Jennie changed it as she turned to the calendar and wrote it in.


The night before Valentine's day came. The girls were tired from the long week but excited for their project.
"Did you get all the supplies?" Jennie asked Rose.
"Yes I got these cute trays that are shaped like animal faces!" rose said pulling out a tray to show me. " and and this one which has stars, hearts and bows." She said pulling out more trays. To show off.
"I have the supplies to make the chocolates and cookies" Lisa said from behind her.
"Oh thank you! I thought we only had trays for a moment" Jennie laughed.
Ji soo was already in the kitchen clearing off the counters.
The four girls started setting up their stations.
"Can I make the cookies? I'm good at that!" Ji soo said volunteering for the job.
"I can make the soft chocolate" Jennie said.
"You sure you can handle that?" Lisa teased
"Yesss" Jennie chuckled
"Okay, then I'll help Ji soo make cookies and lisa can help Jennie with getting chocolate molded" Rose said.

The girls got on their tasks and then took a break for the cookies to bake and the chocolate to harden. Animal cookies and girly chocolates.

"Do you think Eko will like them?" Jennie asked.
"I'm going to give a couple chocolates to Bam bam too" lisa asked.
"Ooo the two of you should really just confess to them already!" Rose said throwing a pillow in their direction.
The two girls got teased as they waited.
When the cookies were ready Ji soo and Rose started to pull out frosting and stuffed it into pastry bags to decorate the cookies.
Ji soo made the faces on the piggy's and made them pink, lisa put the white and black on the panda's, Rose did the bears faces and Jennie did the tigers.

"These came out so cute!" Ji soo squealed when they were done.
The girls were excited to have the cookies done. Next were to finish the chocolates. Rose took them out of the molds and they decorated some of them. Lisa set a bag of chocolate aside undecorated and commented they were for Bam Bam. Jennie also put a bag of chocolates that were decorated.
"I just realized" ji soo pointed at the two girls "you're the only 2 giving chocolate. Were giving cookies to all the choreography people.


The next day the girls went into the studio, the three carried cookies as Jennie had a bag of the chocolates.
There was the four backup dancers, Ji soo, Lisa, and Rose handed them Cookie bags. Eko was standing at the from of the room looking at notes.
"Eko" Jennie said getting his attention. Eko looked up. He was a handsome man, one that Jennie enjoyed looking at as they practiced, the way his muscles bunched up on his back as he flexed or the way that his hands would glide down her arms when he would correct her. She had to shake her head to get those images out of her mind.

"Jennie" he said grinning at me. "You girls are early for practice" he commented.
"Oh yes, we made cookies for valentine's day and passing them out" Jennie said.
"Do I get cookies too?' He asked.
"From them, I made you chocolates" Jennie said lifting the goodie bag up to show him.
"I hope you don't have a confession to go with it" he commented startling her.
"No, I was just being different and giving you chocolates for the holiday" she smiled sweetly at him.
"Good, you know you girls are not allowed to date" he pointed out.
"So if I was to confess, I like you, would you say no?" I teased, half meaning my words.
Eko stepped closer to me and leaned down.
"If that was a real confession I would take it to heart" he smirked. Jennie bit her lip and looked away.
"Heh, Jennie, you need to focus on work don't get distracted" Eko said patting my head. He walked away and towards the other girls. They gave him bags of cookies and he thanked them the same way. Sighing jennie got to work, but she didn't look in Eko's direction at all. It hurt the rejection she was feeling.

After practice Lisa wanted to run and give bam bam his treat, she went off on her own, meeting him at his dorm.
Lisa got herself into a pretty pink skirt and white top before she headed over. Jackson was the one to answer the door with a goofy smile on his face.
"Hey Jackson, is bam bam here?" Lisa asked.
"Yea he's playing video games with JB" he answered.
"Can you get him for me?" Lisa asked nervously.
"Get him yourself" jackson smirked.
"No" lisa said stubbornly. Staring after a moment, jackson yelled out.
"Bam bam, your girlfriend is here!" Jackson said grinning.
"Lisa isn't my girlfriend!" Bam bam said storming over to the door. "Jackson don't talk to her, she's my friend" bam bam said a little bit possessive. He grabbed her hand and pulled her out into the hallway.
"Let's go lisa" bam bam said. He took her out and to the cafeteria area. "We can be here, away from everyone else" bam bam said.
"That's nice. I brought you something" lisa said to him.
"For me?" He looked excited. "Is it a puppy? I can't have a puppy" he said randomly.
"No, it's not" Lisa said shaking her head.
"I brought you valentines chocolates. I stayed up making them last night" lisa told him as she hands him the bag of goodies. Bam bam looked at the bag then at her and chuckled.
" thanks Lisa" he grinned taking the bag. "I was wondering when I was getting something from you today" he said leaning in. "I got a bunch of stuff from the fans, but I was waiting for yours" he admitted making her blush.
"Just wait until white day, you'll be loaded" bam bam teased.
"Now, do I get anything else?" He asked. "I've been a good boy" he said cheekily. Lisa couldn't help it, she pinched his cheek.
"Yah! People are going to get the wrong idea" lisa laughed making him laugh.
"What that you're my girlfriend?" He questioned.
"Yes!' Lisa said.
"They already think that" he said rubbing his cheek.
"I know, but don't need them to have more evidence. The fact I did this the girls are already are teasing me since I'm giving you chocolate" lisa said.
"Well we can make the rumors true" bam bam said deviously.
"Hmm ask me that on white day when I see what you give me" lisa compromised. A huge grin spread across his face.
"Is that a challenge? I'm going to take it as one" he declared.
"Yah! Boy you'll get me in trouble" lisa laughed.
"Already past that" he advised.
"Nope not yet. Anyway my obligatory chocolates are in, I'm heading out" lisa said standing up.
"So soon?" He looked hurt and pouted.
"Yes" lisa nodded "I have other things I'm doing" she added covering up the fact she didn't Want to stick around.
"Fine be that way" he got up. "But I'm getting my other present from you" he said stepping close. His lips pressed against hers in a light kiss and then he pulled away. "Thank you!" He was cheerful again. Lisa was just surprised.
"Until white day! Then I'll pick this up again" he chuckled.

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