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Lesson & Chaos
*Two Years Later*
(Vic's POV)
"Hey Vic, that new band is on the radio" I heard Jaime say

"Turn it up will ya?" Mike asked as he was playing the Xbox

"Okay" I walked into the kitchen where were listening to the talk show, this new band out of Portland was playing with us tonight, so might as well see what there all about.
"So I have the wonderful Lessons & Choas on my show this morning, would you intoduce yourselves and what your role in the band" "I'm Lex, I sing and play guitar" "I'm Jake, I'm the drummer" "I'm Josh, I slap the bass" *giggling* "and I'm Matt, I'm the guitarist" "Good, good, okay so tell me guys how is it that you guys are able to get a band going and already having a good fan base just after a year and half?" Lex- "Well, we all have been into music, and really wanted to help people with our music, and with that, and because of the music scene in Portland we were able to accomplish that." "That's great, now how does it feel to be playing here in San Diego, with our own Pierce the Veil? Matt-"It's hot thats for sure." Josh-"Dude, were playing with PTV niiiice" *laughing* "I'm only kidding, I think its gunna be awesome I love those guys, Jaime is my inspiration.!" Lex-"It feels good to play with some of our heroes, its just an honor to play here in San Diego, me and Jake are actually from California." Jake-"Yea It feels good to be back playing in SD"
"You don't think that's our Lex?" Mike asked. I so wanted it to be, but i don't think so.

"Who knows there's alot of people that go by that name around here" I told them, It's been a long time since we last saw her. We were all sad that she left. escpecially Tony, after four years before that night happened, he was going to propose to her.
"Hey lets head to the venue to set up" Tony came in telling us,

"Yea let's go!" Mike said getting up. Hope these guys can hit it.
(Alexia's POV)
"Well thank you guys for being here today, and to my listeners go check em out tonight tickets are still on sale but not for long."

"and we're off" I heard the guy say behind the glass,

"Thank you guys for coming in" The talk show host said,

"Yea no prob," Jake said we all said good bye and left, we walked out into sunny San Diego good thing i wore shorts and a tank today.

"Anyone hungry?" Jake asked asked as we walked to our rental car,

"It'll have to be fast we have to head back to set up and do sound check" Matt said,

"Let's go!" I said laughing, we went and stopped at a McDonalds and went staright to the venue, we notice a new bus sitting there,

"It must be PTV" Josh said, I started shaking

"Hey, they don't even know that it's us." Jake reasurred me and gave me a hug,

"Yea your right." I said, We told the guy what happen but they were cool about it Matt was amazed that me and Jake went to school with them. Lucky for us our manager didnt give them out whole names just first names, but they didn't call me Alexia, just Lex, common so they didn't figure it out.
We started loading out stuff in, Me and Matt went to get our guitars, "Oh shit.." I heard Matt say, "WHAT!!" I yelled thinking that they dropped something,

"Hey are you guys that new band, Lessons & Choas?" I heard a voice say behind me, an all to familiar voice... Mike...

"Yea, I'm Matt" he said I didn't want to turn around yet,

"Hey do you need help with that?" Mike asked him,

"No I think we're good, right?" He asked me I nodded and continued to keep walking, until at that point i dropped my guitar and it fell out of it's case,

"Shit" i mumbled, now I knew that he will diffently know its me.

"Hey...that guitar.." He said, hearing his footsteps walk closer to me, I sighed as I bent down to pick it up, I pulled my hair out of my face and turned around, his eyees were huge.

"Alexia?" he said

"Hey, Mikey long time no see huh?" I said smiling at him.
Boy is Vic gunna have a huge fit.



So what do you guys think so far? I'll post one more chapter later today..
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