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Top 10 Cloud Service Providers in 2021
No cloud implementation can be completed without cloud service providers. While cloud solutions are in high demand the companies often got confused about which cloud service provider to choose. And in many cases, they even do not know about the top cloud providers in the market. Cloud service providers play a vital role in enhancing the overall experience of your project. The wide range of services offered by them allows enterprises to manage their requirements related to the software, server, storage, and other infrastructure setups.  Stay tuned as we have come up with the top 10 cloud service providers that are going to rule the market in 2021. The list will also guide you in selecting the provider for your cloud-based requirements. Before we get into the list why not have a quick look into the Cloud Service Benefits: Cloud Service Benefits 1. Ease of Usability: Cloud computing allows a business to manage their operations consisting of hardware, databases, servers, software licenses with ease. There are no additional requirements for hardware, servers, or other utilities to be acquired at the enterprise end. 2. Full-time Accessibility: With cloud computing, you get a 24×7 uptime for your respected service. The services can be accessed at any given time and location as it is all managed at cloud service providers end. 3. Scalability and Reliability: It comes with no limit to scale your service with increasing the number of users or exceeding the resources requirements can be done at ease. There is no limit to the number of users or resources.  4. Maintenance & Mobility: The Cloud Services come with automatic maintenance and do not require any of your workforces to do the proceedings; it is all managed by the cloud service providers. Cloud service providers have various data centers across regions letting it faster and easier.  At this point, you should have an understanding of the categories of cloud services so that you can find it easy to pick the right service provider. For your convenience here is the brief: Software as a Service (SaaS): The service model allows the use of software on a subscription basis that is centrally hosted by the cloud service provider. Platform as a Service (PaaS): The service model operates as a platform that allows you the development and deployment of the services hosted via central storage on the cloud. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): The service model allows the use of an instant computing infrastructure that is managed by the Internet-based cloud service provider. Top 10 Cloud Service Providers: With the growing utilization of cloud computation services, here goes the leading companies who are providing optimal cloud services: 1. Amazon Web Service (AWS) Being a leading on-demand cloud service provider has made it a comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform that offers over 165 fully-featured services from its data centers that are placed globally. It has a user base of over a million customers worldwide. In terms of revenue aggregation, it generated a revenue of $35 Billion in the year 2019. Some of its popular services are EC2, Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon Connect, AWS Lambda. Some of the Key Features of AWS are: APIs Functionality Lower Costs Vast Global Network Latest Innovative Technologies 2. Microsoft AZURE Another prominent cloud computing platform is the Microsoft-developed Azure, which comes as an Iaas, Paas, and Saas. Azure is stated as the largest cloud-based service in terms of revenue. Microsoft has launched it to provide both Microsoft-based as well as third-part-based entities under azure. Microsoft Office 360 & 365 are also part of this cloud-based architecture. Services by Azure are Azure DevOps, Azure AI, Azure Blockchain Workbench are some of the leading cloud-based services by Azure. The Projected revenue growth for 2019-20 stands at $35 Billion for Azure-led services. Here are the Key Functionalities of Azure: Rapid Application Development Real-time Data Processing Hybrid Automation Service Serverless APIs  3. Google Cloud A leading cloud service architecture offered by Google, the services consist of management services and some modular cloud services like data storage, data analytics. The Google Cloud Platform provides IaaS, PaaS, and Serverless computing solutions allowing the services to be utilized by the businesses. The annual cloud services revenue for google cloud services is stated at $8 billion. Some Key Functionalities offered by Google Cloud are: AI and Machine Learning Service API Management Data Analytics  Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Tool 4. IBM Cloud IBM Cloud is the cloud networking service provided to the customers including, the architecture of IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS that are distributed via public, private, and hybrid cloud delivery setup. IBM has been working in providing enterprises with cloud-based services in the network, storage, data storage, and other services. IBM Cloud estimated its annual revenue at $19.16 billion A few of the leading services of IBM Cloud are: Cloud Migration Cloud Strategy Services Cloud Development and Management 5. Oracle Cloud Oracle Corporation brings out one of the leading cloud computing services via its oracle cloud. Allowing you to use the cloud resources such as servers, storage, applications, and other services through its vast range of global data centers. Oracle provides leading cloud services with the developing architecture of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DaaS helping build, deploy and access your applications via the cloud. Oracle had an estimated $ 18 billion in revenues for the year 2019-20. Oracle Cloud offers its service in: Compute Storage & Networking Data Management App Development 6. Alibaba Cloud Alibaba Cloud is the subsidiary of the Alibaba group having its headquarters based in Singapore. It is the largest cloud service provider in China. The services are offered on a pay-as-you basis and include Elastic Computing, Data Storage, Networking, and other services. It has its operations spanned across 19 regions and 56 Cloud availability zones across the globe. Alibaba Cloud had estimated revenue of $4.5 Million annually.  A few of the key service of Alibaba Cloud are: Integrated Cloud Suite Virtual Server (VPS) Cost-Effective Storage Service 7. Salesforce A leading cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco offers a range of cloud-based solutions for enterprises.  One of its highly used services is CRM, with it other services like marketing automation, application development, and data analytics. It had estimated revenue of $17 Billion for the year 2019-20 Salesforce leading services are: Customer Relationship Management Marketing Cloud Sales Cloud Commerce Cloud 8. SAP It is a global provider of cloud-based software services for enterprises to develop and manage customer relations and business operations. SAP is headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, and regional offices spanning across 180 countries. It is the largest Non-American software company in the world.  SAP developed ERP Software is its mostly used service across the globe. For the year 2019-20, SAP estimated €27 Billion in net revenue. A few other services offered by SAP are: Accounting and Financial Planning and Analysis Enterprise Treasury Management. Accounts Billing and Revenue Management 9. VMware VMware is a leading software company that provides its customers with services under cloud computing and visualization software. VMware desktop software has compatibility with Windows, macOS, Linux, and its enterprise-based hypervisor server has direct hardware connectivity allowing you to operate without any OS requirements. The company estimated around $8.7 Billion in revenues for the year 2018-19 Few services offered by VMware are: VMware vRealize Suite VMware GO VMWare Workstation VMWare Fusion VMware ESXi 10. Adobe Creative Cloud It comprises the cloud-based software services offered by Adobe Corporation. The cloud services allow the enterprises to avail of web development, graphic designing, photo, and video editing.  The services come on a subscription basis where one can download the service after purchase through the internet and avail it for the required period. For the year 2018-19, it estimated a $7.9 Billion revenue. Some leading service of Adobe Creative Cloud are: Adobe Creative Suite Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Illustrator As cloud services are expected to grow more and more with the inclusion of emerging technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence makes it more scalable for enterprises to opt-in and utilize these services. The listed companies for the Cloud services are constantly improving their services and bringing the leading advancements to drive forward the enterprise businesses across varied domains.
뭐야 돌려줘요, 바뀐 지하철역 이름들
화양 -> 건대입구 (1985) 변경이유: 건국대의 요청 서울운동장 -> 동대문운동장 -> 동대문역사문화공원 (1984, 2009) 변경이유: 잠실종합운동장 개장, 동대문운동장 철거 중앙청 -> 경복궁 (1997) 변경이유: 중앙청 청사로 사용하던 조선총독부 건물을 폭파 화물터미널 -> 남부터미널 (1990) 변경이유: 화물터미널이 남부터미널로 영업 시작 기지 -> 용답 (1992) 변경이유: 지역명 반영 휘경 -> 외대앞 (1996) 변경이유: 행정구역 불일치 벌말 -> 평촌 (1996) 변경이유: 주민 청원 총신대입구(이수) -> 이수 -> 총신대입구(이수) (1997, 2000) 변경이유: 총신대학교와 서울시 간 법적분쟁 경마장 -> 경마공원 (2000) 변경이유: 경마장 이미지 초림 -> 수내 백궁 -> 정자 (2002) 변경이유: 행정구역 불일치 구로공단 -> 구로디지털단지 (2004) 변경이유: 이미지 광명 -> 광명사거리 (2004) 변경이유: 고속철도 광명역 영업 시작으로 인한 혼동 방지 가리봉 -> 가산디지털단지 (2005) 변경이유: 1년 전 이름 바꾼 구로디지털단지가 간지나보여서. 진짜다. 의정부북부 -> 가능 (2006) 변경이유: 지역명 반영 및 더 북부에 있는 녹양역이 개통 주내 -> 양주 (2006) 변경이유: 양주 주민들의 요청 부곡 -> 의왕 (2007) 변경이유: 의왕에 하나밖에 없는 전철역이여서 (지역명 반영) 시흥 -> 금천구청 (2008) 변경이유: 승객 혼동이 오는 역명 수색 -> 디지털미디어시티 (2009) 변경이유: 국철 수색역간 환승 불가 / 경의선 전철 환승역 개통 성내 -> 잠실나루 (2010) 변경이유: 주민 요청 (행정구역 불일치) 공단 -> 초지 (2012) 변경이유: 공단하고 멂 성북 -> 광운대 (2012) 변경이유: 주민 요청 (행정구역 불일치) 미아삼거리 -> 미아사거리 (2013) 변경이유: 삼거리가 사거리가 된지 30년이 넘음.. 신천 -> 잠실새내 (2016) 변경이유: 주민 요청 (행정지역 불일치) 신길온천 -> 능길 (2021) 변경이유: 온천이 없음 출처 : 더쿠 오 몇개는 바꾸기 전이 기억나네요 ㅋㅋㅋ 오랜만에 보니 반갑기도 하고.. 여러분도 기억나는 역 이름이 있으신가요
Tips to secure your IOT based development solutions and services
The COVID-19 pandemic and 2020 lockdown put all analyst predictions into confusion, but as the economy begins to recover, IT consumption is predicted to pick up again, including the rise of the Internet of Things(IoT). The Internet of Things is not a single category, but rather a set of sectors and use cases. According to Research healthcare, smart offices, location systems, remote asset management, and emerging networking technology would boost IoT market growth in 2021. The Internet of Things (IoT) has a lot of advantages and risks. Supporters of technology and manufacturers of IoT devices promote the IoT services as an effort to better and simplify our everyday life by connecting billions of “smart” IoT devices  (such as Smart TVs, Smart Refrigerators, Smart Air-Conditioners, Smart Cameras, Smart Doorbells, Smart Police Surveillance & Traffic Systems, Smart Health & Performance Tracking Wearable, etc.) to the Internet. However, because of consumer privacy and data security issues with IoT Devices, IT Security Professionals believe it is unsafe and too dangerous. Secure Connection People benefit from stable cloud technology in a variety of ways, from encryption to other solutions. Other options are: Improving the security of your Internet gateway Before a device boots up, it performs a stable boot, which is a software device check. Keeping the cloud-based provider’s solutions up to date on a regular basis. To protect your private browsing data from possible attacks, use a protected VPN link. Building a Secure Network Access Control should be activated on your network so that only approved devices can connect. You should take the following steps: Build a firewall. Secure your authentication keys. Install the most up-to-date antivirus software to keep your network safe and secure. Here are some IoT security solutions for the most common IoT security issues: Secure the IoT Network To protect and secure the network linking computers to back-end networks on the internet, use standard endpoint security features such as antivirus, intrusion prevention, and control mechanisms. Authenticate the IoT Devices Introduce various user management features for a single IoT device and introduce secure authentication protocols such as two-factor authentication, digital signatures, and biometrics to enable users to authenticate IoT devices. Use IoT Data Encryption Encrypt data at rest and in transit from IoT devices and back-end networks using standard cryptographic algorithms and fully encrypted key lifecycle management procedures to enhance overall protection of user data and privacy and avoid IoT data breaches. Use IoT Security Analytics  Use IoT Security Analytics Tools that can detect IoT-specific threats and intrusions that standard network security solutions such as firewalls can’t detect. Use IoT API security methods Use IoT API Security methods to not only protect the privacy of data flow between IoT devices, back-end systems, and applications using recorded REST-based APIs, but also to ensure that only approved devices, developers, and apps communicate with APIs, as well as to identify possible threats and attacks against specific APIs. Test and IoT Hardware To ensure the security of IoT hardware, set up a robust testing process. This involves detailed testing of the range, power, and latency of the IoT system. Chip manufacturers for IoT devices must also improve processors for improved protection and lower power usage without rendering them too costly for consumers or too impractical to use in existing IoT devices, provided that the majority of IoT devices on the market today are inexpensive and disposable with minimal battery power. Develop Secured IoT Apps Given the immaturity of current IoT technology, IoT application developers must place an emphasis on the security aspect of their applications by integrating any of the above IoT security technologies. Before creating any IoT applications, developers must do complete research into the security of their applications and try to achieve the best possible compromise between the user interface and the security of their IoT software. Be Aware of the Most Recent IoT Security Threats and Breach Conclusion To ensure the security of the IoT devices and applications, the device makers and app developers must beware of the latest IoT security risk and breaches.  Since the Internet of Things is also a new concept, security flaws are likely to happen. As a result, all IoT device manufacturers and IoT app developers must be prepared for security risks and have a proper exit strategy to secure maximum data in case of a security attack or data breach  Finally, all IoT device manufacturers and IoT app developers must take action to inform their staff and customers about the current IoT risks, breaches, and security solutions. Visit IoT Development Company page if you have any concerns or would like more details about it.
아웃백 가고 싶어서 쓰는 '아웃백 가서 알차게 뽕 뽑는 팁'
성인 2~3인 기준 런치타임 ( 주중 주말 상관 없이 오픈 후 주문 시간 기준 5시까지 ) 시 사용 가능한 꿀 TIP 성인 한명 늘어 날 때 마다 런치메뉴 한개씩 추가 하면 좋음! - 주문하기 TIP!  1. 아웃백 런치메뉴 중 2개 선택 2. 스프 2개 중 하나는 샐러드로 변경, 시저 드레싱 (+1,400원), 치킨핑거 1~2개 추가(개당 +2,900원) 하여 치킨시저샐러드 만들기  3. 탄산음료는 에이드랑 스텔라 맥주(+1,300원) 중 취향것 변경  4. 스테이크 사이드 메뉴 2개는 통감자랑 감자튀김 선택해서 감튀에 멜티드 치즈 추가(+3,900원)해서 오지치즈 감자로 만들기 -> 케찹 달라하면 케찹도 주심!  5. 부시맨 브레드에 나오는 소스는 다 달라고 하기 ( 초코소스 존마탱 ) 6. 투움바 파스타 시키면 소스 넉넉히 달라고 해서 부시맨 브래드 찍어먹기 !  7. 느끼한거 잘 못먹는 덬들은 김치 달라고 하면 김치도 주심! -> 지점마다 상이 ( 일산 원마운트점 김치 줌 ) - 결제시 TIP!  1. 통신사 할인 SKT , KT 일반 5% VIP 15%, KT VVIP 1만포인트 차감 후 3만원 할인 (추가) 통신사 할인 없으면 아웃백 부메랑 클럽 가입해서 상시 10% 할인 + 적립 받기 2. 기념일 1만원 할인쿠폰 or 신규가입 웰컴푸드 ( 치킨텐더샐러드 ) 챙기기 3. 사용하고 있는 신용/체크카드가 아웃백 할인 되면 카드 사용, 없으면 인터넷에 아웃백 금액권 검색해서 구매하기 보통 상시 5~7% 할인율 있음! 4. (추가) 계산 할 때 빵 포장 해달라고 하기 ! ( 봉투값 100원 추가 ) 이렇게 하면 진짜 싸고 배부르게 아웃백 조지기 쌉 가능! +) 바이럴 아님, 바이럴일시 원더기 평생 아웃백 출입금지 출처 더쿠 투움바랑 오지치즈 쌱 땡기는데 반가운 글을 발견해서 후후 목요일은 현카 50% 포인트 차감되는건 기본이죠?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ \(배고파)/........ㅇ<-<
누구나 할 수 있는 윈도우10 부팅 USB 만들기 빠박IT의 컴퓨터 정보
안녕하세요~ 모든 IT, 게임, 일상 정보 및 컴퓨터에 관해 정보를 빠박하게 전해드리는 빠박IT 블로그입니다. 오늘은 윈도우10 설치전 윈도우 10 부팅 USB를 만드는 법에 관해서 전달해드리도록 하겠습니다. (준비물은 8GB 이상짜리 USB 메모리) 먼저 준비물은 윈도우10 iso 파일을 받을 수 있는 컴퓨터와 인터넷 그리고 USB 8GB 메모리가 준비되어야 합니다. 링크 : 준비가 되셨다면 컴퓨터에 USB 메모리를 삽입해주시고 위 링크를 타주세요. 그러면 위 사진처럼 윈도우10 다운로드 마소 홈페이지가 나오실텐데요. 저기서 주황색 박스로 있는 "지금 도구 다운로드" 를 눌러주시면 실행파일이 설치 되실텐데 그걸 누르셔서 실행시켜주세요. 실행시켜주시면 이렇게 보라색 화면이 나오실텐데요. 조금만 기다리시면 원하는 작업을 선택해주세요 라는 문구가 나오실겁니다. 저기에서 2번째 것으로 선택해주시고 다음으로 이동해주세요. 언어,아키텍처 및 버전 선택은 한국어,  windows10 그리고 64비트로 해주세요. 32비트로 하시면 RAM을 4GB으로 밖에 못읽어서 64비트로 해주시는 것이 가장 좋습니다. 다음으로 넘어가시면 사용할 미디어 선택이 있으실텐데 첫번째로 USB 플래시 드라이버를 선택해주시고 다음을 누르시면 자기 USB를 찾으시고 다음을 눌러주세요. 그러면 오른쪽 사진처럼 윈도우10 다운로드가 되실겁니다.  5~10분정도만 기다려부시면 부팅 USB가 제작되는 것이죠. 아주 쉽죠? 그리고 여기서 주의할 점이 있습니다. USB 부팅 메모리는 안에 있는 파일을 전부다 지우고 설치하는 것이기 때문에 만약 USB 메모리 안에 중요한 파일이 있다면 일단 다른 저장매체나 컴퓨터에 옮겨놓고 실행시켜주시기 바랍니다. (윈도우10 설치법은 다음글에서!) 오늘은 여기까지 윈도우10 설치하기전 부팅 USB 만드는법 관해서 간단하게 살펴보았는데요. 다음 IT 소식에는 좀 더 유용한 소식을 가져오도록 하겠으며 이만 여기서 인사드리도록 하겠습니다. 제 블로그와 서로 이웃을 맺고 싶으시다면! : 컴퓨터 문의 및 구입을 원하시면 : 아니면 카카오톡 아이디로 " 007overmen " 을 찾아서 문의해주세요~
Quando se deve bloquear sites em sua empresa? Veja 8 fatores para considerar!
Se você possui uma empresa corporativa já deve ter ouvido falar sobre o bloqueio de sites em seus computadores para que os funcionários não se distraiam e só possam acessar os sites referentes ao trabalho. Esse é um assunto delicado, pois o bloqueio e a liberação de determinados sites em ambientes corporativos podem ou não levar em conta os interesses pessoais dos funcionários. Empresários e gestores de TI veem uma necessidade de restringir o acesso a determinados sites na hora do trabalho, mas nem sempre sabem como fazer isso. Por isso, a seguir nós mencionamos 8 fatores para considerar na hora de decidir se irá bloquear sites da sua empresa. Confira! 1 – Foco e produtividade dos funcionários As empresas que liberam todos os sites podem notar um problema muito comum em seus funcionários: a falta de foco que resulta em uma baixa da produtividade. A grande maioria de nós possui redes sociais e nos distraímos facilmente, principalmente se temos livre acesso a elas. Sem falar que muitas pessoas podem acabar mandando mensagem durante o dia e podemos nos distrair respondendo e resolvendo problemas pessoais. A produtividade é uma métrica muito importante dentro da empresa e ela deve ser levada em conta na hora de decidir se haverá o bloqueio de sites. O foco deve ser no desempenho da equipe, por isso se a produtividade está muito baixa, filtrar os sites que os colaboradores podem acessar pode ajudar a resolver. 2 – Consumo de banda larga O consumo de banda larga se torna excessivo quando a internet é totalmente liberada para os funcionários. A internet acaba sendo usada para fins pessoais como acesso a redes sociais, programas e jogos, além de alguns funcionários podem baixar programas para o computador da empresa. Algumas sessões da empresa precisam dos downloads, mas outras necessitam de uma rede mais estável que pode acabar sendo prejudicada se a internet estiver sendo usada para outros fins. O YouTube é um dos sites mais acessados pelos funcionários e um dos que mais consome banda larga, podendo deixar a internet mais lenta. Por isso, leve em conta como está o consumo da banda larga e se a internet anda lenta ou não, para definir se alguns sites serão bloqueados. 3 – Segurança da rede A segurança da rede também é um ponto muito importante e que deve ser considerado na decisão de bloquear sites. O livre acesso aos funcionários deixa a rede da empresa mais vulnerável a vírus e links maliciosos que são encontrados em downloads ou em sites não confiáveis. Nas redes sociais também é possível receber algum link malicioso e quando menos se espera, a rede da empresa pode ser prejudicada ou até mesmo hackeada. Muitas vezes, para evitar isso, algumas empresas permitem que os funcionários levem seus próprios computadores e dispositivos, mas recomendam que o antivírus esteja em dia. 4 – Maturidade Analise se a equipe de funcionários que você possui é madura. Se sim, será muito mais fácil de aceitar a sua decisão de bloquear os sites e não tentar burlar o sistema. A maturidade é algo muito importante para uma equipe e se a equipe se demonstrar comprometida com a produtividade, você não terá muitos problemas. 5 – Custos Os custos também devem ser considerados, afinal todos os demais tópicos refletem neles. As empresas que deixam o acesso liberado aos funcionários devem estar cientes que podem receber ataques ou serem hackeadas a qualquer momento e por isso devem estar preparadas para arcar com os custos de reparação. Além disso, acabam pagando mais com a banda larga. 6 – Satisfação dos funcionários Na hora de bloquear os sites, leve em conta que todos os funcionários precisam de alguns minutos ao longo do dia para descontrair e descansar, para que possam voltar ao trabalho com muito mais foco. Nem sempre o problema é liberar o acesso, mas sim impor limites. Se você preferir, estabeleça um horário no dia a dia em que o acesso ficará totalmente livre, como no horário do almoço, por exemplo. 7 – Particularidades de cada equipe Para definir os sites que cada grupo de funcionários poderá acessar, é preciso levar em conta o setor que atuam. A equipe de Marketing necessariamente precisará ter acesso às redes sociais para fazer as análises e implementar campanhas, por exemplo. Por isso, o ideal é descobrir as necessidades de cada equipe e estipular os sites liberados de acordo com isso. 8 – Analise É necessário analisar os dados da sua empresa diariamente. Analise quais foram os sites mais acessados pelos funcionários, confira se todas as restrições impostas estão sendo respeitadas. Compare os resultados com as análises de produtividade da equipe para ver se está dando resultados ou não. O contato próximo aos colaboradores te fará ter mais empatia e te ajudará a entender melhor como ajuda-los com o foco e a produtividade.
여든살 노인에게 몰래카메라를 시전한 BBC
1988년 영국. 윈턴 여사는 집 다락방에서 무언가를 발견한다. 수백명에 달하는 어린아이들의 사진과 이름, 명부 등이 수록된 스크랩북이었다. 남편인 니콜라스 윈턴이 구한 669명의 유대인 명부가 세상에 밝혀지는 순간이었다. 유대계 영국인인 니콜라스 윈턴은 29세이던 1938년, 휴양차 갔던 체코에서 유대인 수용소의 실상을 알게 된다.  당시 영국에선 독일에서 핍박받던 유대인의 아이들을 입양하는 방식으로 데려오곤 했는데 도움의 손길이 체코에는 미치지 못했던 것이다. 그는 나치 장교에게 뇌물을 주는 등 사비를 털어 669명에 달하는 아이들을 영국으로 보낼 수 있었다. 하지만 2차대전 발발로 탈출시키던 나머지 250명의 행방이 묘연해지자 니콜라스 윈턴은 실의에 빠져 영국으로 돌아왔고 50년간 이 일을 묻어둔채 지냈다. 심지어는 아내가 찾아낸 명부를 파기하고자 했다. 결국 윈턴 여사는 남편을 설득, 이 명부를 방송국에 제보한다. 곧 무슨 일이 일어날지 모른채 담담한 표정의 니콜라스 윈턴. 스크랩북을 펼쳐보인 진행자 윈턴 씨가 자신이 구한 아이와 찍은 사진도 있다 "뒷면을 살펴보면 (구조된) 모든 아이들의 명단이 있습니다." 그 중에서 사회자가 지목한 한 이름 베라 디아맨트 베라의 어릴적 사진이 지나가고 "그리고 베라씨가 오늘 이 자리에 나와 있습니다. 안녕하세요. 그리고 이 말씀을 꼭 드려야겠네요. 베라씨는 지금 윈턴씨 옆에 앉아있습니다." 띠용? 니콜라스 윈턴은 50년전 자신이 구해준 꼬마가 이제 중년이 다 되서 자신의 바로 옆 자리에 앉아있으리라곤 상상도 못했다. 반가움과 고마움을 담아 포옹하는 베라, 그리고 박수로 응원해주는 청중들 아직 몰카는 끝나지 않았다. 이번엔 윈턴의 왼편에 앉은 여인이 자신도 윈턴의 도움으로 구조됐다면서 문서를 들어보이고 있다. 2번째 띠용 오늘 놀랄 일이 많구먼 ㅎㅎ 몰카는 아직 안 끝났습니다. "혹시 이 중에 윈턴씨 덕에 목숨을 구한 분이 계시면 일어나 주세요." 그러자 윈턴씨 주변에 앉아 박수를 쳤던 청중들 수십명이 자리에서 일어났다. 어리둥절 니콜라스 윈턴이 구한 669명의 어린이는 나중에 각자 성장하고 가정을 이루어 그 수가 6천여명에 달하게 됐다고 한다. 그럼에도 그는 마저 구하지 못한 250명에 대한 죄책감과 체코에 그대로 남은 동료들에 대한 미안함 등으로 이 일을 50년 동안이나 숨기고 살아왔다. 이 공로로 니콜라스 윈턴은 2003년 기사에 봉해졌으며 2015년 106세를 일기로 타개한다. 출처 감동이란 이런것..
Taylor Swift vs. Apple...Taylor WINS
Taylor Swift just went up against the biggest company in the world and WON. That's unheard of. No one has ever had that kind of star-power before. But now, Taylor Swift has it. Taylor was pissed that Apple thought it was going to get away with not paying the artists whose music would be played on their new music streaming service for the first three FREE trial month period. AKA BS. Taylor wasn't having any of that so instead of dismissing it since it really didn't hurt her either way, she pounced. Attacked politely. And claimed an utter victory! This will definitely go down in the history books!!! So here's how the battle went down: Swift tweets at Apple by attaching a letter of hers from Tumblr. Taylor speaks politely and confidently ending with a snippy, "We don't ask you for free iPhones. Please don't ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation." AND TAYLOR STRIKES AGAIN. Not only does Taylor get an outpour of support from her millions of fans, but she also gets backing from major celebrities and recording studios. Like woah. Taylor Swift then gets a personal call from the Apple VP himself as well as this personal tweet. And as the world watches...everyone gasps because for the first time in Apple's history...Apple loses. TAYLOR FOR THE WIN. The media is celebrating on every major platform known to man. Everyone's shocked she did it and it only took 48 hours. Insane. Taylor attacked and conquered the most powerful company in the world by posting a message to Tumblr. She's stronger and more powerful than ever and now everyone knows it. And Swift thinks to herself, "All in a day's work." NBD
How Can You Troubleshoot Your Canon Printer?
How to Troubleshoot a Canon Printer? If you are facing any problem in taking perfect prints from your Canon printer. This can be quite frustrating when you are in the middle of some important official work. Canon printer-related issues can be resolved within no time by troubleshooting the printer problems. To troubleshoot the printer problems, users need to follow some really easy steps which can help them fix their printer-related issues on their own within no time. The Process to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Problems: 1. Canon printer users first need to check the light indicator, whether the light is blinking or not. 2. Now check if there is any specific error code. If there is any specific error that the printer is displaying then follow the instructions given in the manual to resolve that error. 3. If the printer is connected through a USB with the device, then check whether the wire is connected properly or not. If it is connected through a wireless network, then disconnect it and connect the printer with the device again. 4. Visit the Control Panel of the computer and head over to the Printer and Faxes section. Remove the Canon printer from the panel and add the printer again by clicking on Add Printer. This will reset all the settings made to the Canon printer and the printer will start working the way it used to work when it was connected to the device for the first time. If you are not able to complete your Canon Printer Troubleshooting then you can contact the technician of Canon to get your printer-related issue resolved.