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So fam, the characters I have listed below are the main characters of T.O.L.B, but I need your help. Before I begin writing the story, I need one more main character. To let you guys know, the character you choose will be the antagonist, so please....choose wisely~

T.O.L.B Characters

Im Jisoo {18}
I'm Jisoo is a senior at the Seoul School Of Performing Arts. She has been named the Ice Queen, and is thought of to be difficult to approach. Friends of Jisoo often oppose the ice Queen rumors, saying she is actually a softie, with a big heart for animals and chocolate. Im Jisoo is also the younger sister of Im Changkyun.

I.M ( Im Changkyun) {21}
Changkyun is a Sophomore at Hanuel University. He is often avoided at school, mainly because it is rumored that he is apart of an underground gang. Often seen with a split lip and bloody knuckles, Changkyun is highly feared by most of the student body. Changkyun is also the older brother of Im Jisoo.

V (Kim Taehyung) {18}
Taehyung is the resident bad boy of S.O.P.A, often terrorizing Im Jisoo. Often feared, because like Changkyun, he comes to school with wounds littering his whole body. Also like Changkyun, it is rumored that Taehyung is apart of an underground gang as well.

Kim Yongseok {21}
Yongseok is a student of Haneul University, along side Changkyun, but he and Changkyun happen to be bitter rivals. Often clashing with the latter, a string of events might just force the two to work together……

Zelo (Choi Junhong) {18}
Junhong is smart, intelligent, and talented. He attends S.O.P.A along side his childhood best friend Im Jisoo. He and Taehyung have a serious past, so serious not even Jisoo knows. Junhong loathes Taehyung with a passion, but could possible circumstances bring them together?

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