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Hello everyone!!

So I've been wanting to start a new ranking for some time now since currently I only have "Who's Your Bias?" and "Who Do You Ship?"

I was planning to start up a new ranking after I had finished all of EXO's ships and then finished another group's ships, but I decided that would take too long, so here I am starting up a new ranking called:

"What Are Your Favorite Song Lyrics?"

Basically what it's going to be is I'm going to take one group and ask you what are you favorite lyrics from one of their songs. I'll probably continue the same group for a while until I get through all of their songs, but since that would get extremely boring doing the same group the entire time, I'll probably be doing this ranking with multiple other groups at a time.

Not entirely sure how this is all going to work out since I didn't really think about this/I didn't plan this at all, actually. I just came home from school today (was waiting for my mom to finish getting ready and then she decided to go somewhere else with my dad so now I should be doing homework but now I'm doing this instead :D) but I was thinking about starting a new ranking with BTS being the first group aaaaannnnndddd before I knew it......

I started making this card and now I'm going to have a new thing to be ranking.... :l

Sooooo yeah, this is happening. (At an incrediably bad time since I'm having such a hard time keeping up with all my other rankings and cards that I have to do....Sorry;;)

Oh well, it was going to happen eventually.

If you would like to be tagged in this new ranking series then please ask and I would be happy to tag you ^^ Having more people to join me on my crazy ranking adventure is always a happy thing for me~

Oh! And BTS will be the first group that I will be ranking for this series annnnnnnddddd I think I'll be making a card for them that will be put up tomorrow....So yeah, enjoy ARMY!!

(P.S. Don't ask me what song I'll be asking you to pick your favorite lyrics out of cause I literally have no idea yet;;)

The Rankers Tag List

Please message me if you would like to be added or removed from the tag list.

*The Dangerous Bitches*

tag me please
I'd like to be added to the new tag list please~ Thank you! ^-^
I wanna see how this turns out.. tag please 😶😶