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Hello Hello everyone. ive been feeling super inspired lately so i am giving you another chapter today and hopefully pt 11 tomorrow.

Just joining us? catch up on what you missed here at the beginning

"Lets go!" He smiled taking my hand in his and giving it a squeeze. I smiked back not realizing that a norebang could change your life!

We walked along the boardwalk until we found a norebang that wasn't packed out. Hobie ordered some fruit  while i scrolled through the song selection. I felt my phone vibrate next to me. I picked it up to feel my heart flip flop when i saw it was a text from jimin. I felt guilty for being out with hobie, i felt even more guilty about tye kiss we shared, but what felt the worst was thinking jimin hated me. I smiled as i open the text only for it to drop

"Love me?! You're such a traitor. If you loved me you wouldn't be on a date."

I bit my lip. He was right. He didnt stop me but i could have said no. Again my phone went off.

"You're such a slut. Guess it doesn't matter which member you get."

That stung. It wasn't true at all.

"I hope you sanitize yourself after tonight....if i even decide i still want you that is."

I was only faintly aware of the voice next to me until i felt something poke my cheek. I turned to see a blurred version of hobie through my teary eyes. Without saving a word he knelt in front of me and kissed each eye, forcing me to blink the tears away. He smiled gently. "Thats better. Pretty eyes shouldnt be hidden by tears." I tried to force a smile. "What tears?" I laughed. My phone went off again and again. I could only imagine the insults he was hurling at me now, but Hobie took my phone away before i could open them. "No more phone tonight.  Just fun "

Soon after, a girl about our age came to take our order. Even with his hat disguise on she could tell that he was handsome. She completely ignored me while oggling hobie, who simply ordered our fruit, but didnt say much else to her. I dont know why, but i felt a bit jealous. I coughed loudly but it wasn't until hobie was attentively at mybside after my fake cough that she turned to look at me. "We'll also need 2 bottles of soju." Itbwas going to be a looooong night. Hobie looked at me with concern again. "But you're not very good at drinking" he whispered. He was right but tonight i just didnt care. "Yes i am. " I laughed but it didn't even seem real in my ears. The girl shrugged taking one more look at Hobie and sauntering off, making sure to swing her hips as she left the room.

"What's wrong?" Hobie asked putting an arm around my shoulder to pull me closer to him. "Was it that girl?"  How did he know me so well. "Nooo...." I lied. "why do you think something's wrong?"  He raised an eyebrow at me. "because i know you..... plus you ordered soju." " I enjoy soju from time to time...." i said trying to sound convincing. He laughed. "Do you not remember the last time we drank at a norebang?" I tried really hard to remember. Tae, jungkook, and i tried to out do eachother. I tried to tap out but jimin wouldnt let me. Namjoon and Yoongi thought it was pretty funny, but jin and Hobie seemed genuinely worried. I nursed the worst hangover of my life the next day and swore i would never ever drink again. "Hey!! Its already been almost 2 years. Surely i can handle 2 little bottles of soju." Before he could protest our waitress came back with our order.....and a scantily clad friend wearing a crop top and shorts that could have passed as underwear. They set the tray in front of me before taking a seat next to hobie. "Seriously right now?!" I muttered under my breath being completely ignored.

"Are you Jhope from BTS?!" The waitress squealed in a high pitched whiney voice that felt like nails on a chalkboard to my ears.  Before hobie could even respond, "My boyfriend gets that a lot." I said casually without even bothering to look up. Immediately after i poured myself a shot and downed it. Why did i just call him my boyfriend?!  Even with his mask on i could tell Hobie was smiling. He scooted even closer to me, angling his body on the couch so that he could wrap his arms around me. He settled his chin in the crook of my neck. "Like she said, im her boyfriend." He grinned completely missing the point of denying who he was with the statement. I poured another shot and down the hatch it went. "I dont believe you. " Glared the girl in skimpy clothing. "I think hes Jhope from BTS!" I sighed. There was no way i was going to be able to have fun with them here. I had already gulped down half of one bottle of soju and we hadn't even sang one song yet. Without thinking about it at all, all of my training with jimin kicked in.

In the very beginning sometimes i was able to talk jimin into going to the convenience store with me before heading to my apartment. The days his hat and mask didnt work and girls recognized him he would say....

"Jimin is an idol. Do you think if i was an idol, i would be dating someone plain and boring like her?! I would be dating a gorgeous fan like you." Normally the girls were conceited and would accept this and agree there was no way he could really be jimin and settle for the explanation that he was a look alike. After he would wink at me as if that made everything alright. On the occasion that they didnt settle for that explanation he would tell them i was his assistant.... which wasnt an entire lie, and he would tell them to leave their phone numbers with me and that he would call them.

"If he were really jhope do you think he would be dating someone like me? No he would be dating a gorgeous idol or an amazing fan." I said as i cracked open the second bottle and drained another shot glass. The soju was starting to kick in and I was feeling extremely mellow, giggly even. I smiled at the girls as they nodded to each other accepting my explanation. Jhope however did not look happy in the slightest. "if I were the real jhope..." He grumbled loud enough to get the girls' attention, "i would still be dating you! You are so kind, beautiful, and fun. You're genuine and smart. I love everything about you! There's noone else i would rather be with. I felt that way since i first laid eyes on you and i never would want you to feel that there is something or someone better for me because there isnt." I looked him in the eye mesmorized by his words. If it weren't for the soju i would have probably been in tears from how touching his speech was, but all i could to was stare. The girls rolled their eyes. I tossed my hat off onto the couch, lowered Hobie's face mask and kissed him. He wrapped his fingers in my hair and kissed me back. "What a waste of a look alike" one of them mumbled before turning to leave. "Oh ladies!" I said pulling away from Hobie just enough to talk. "we'll also need another 2 bottles of soju" i said waving my hand in the direction of the bottles i had finished before returning to Hobie's warm lips.

The rest of the night flew in a blur. All i could remember was the feeling of being absolutely happy. I woke up the next morning to the sound of my alarm clock and the sunlight hitting my face. I stretched the tip of my toes and felt the soreness from the burn on my foot. My head felt like it weighed a ton, which means that what i could remember of last night really happened. I peaked my eyes open to try and see my alarm clock only to see Hobies eyes starring straight back at me.....he was shirtless!!! I sat straight up to realize i was wearing his shirt and my own underwear but nothing else! "Good morning beautiful." He smiled at me so perfectly.....what did i do last night?!

To be continued????
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