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So recently..Jackson was in one of his photoshoots and filming you know as usual long hours..His fan Jackys and IGOT7S some of them stay out waiting for him just to see him even when he is always telling them to take care of their health..He later post about it in Weibo..there is the post below and is translated also, from his Weibo account.

[Fan Account] “Jackson Wang going to his fans & His Weibo Update”
Today was really cold, waited for 13 hours from day till noght.
At the end, jackson held my hands as soon as he came out.
He held for so long that even my hands still smell like his cologne.
while he kept looking at my sign,
He kept saying why are you guys still here under the heavy rain?
You guys are giving up on your health?
He kept saying stuff like all of you will get flu.
He left the protective circle of security guards and directed us to a roofed area that shied us from the rain.
we kept saying we’ve missed you, welcome home,
All of us started to cay
Jackson pointed at us and said ‘My Jacky”
To have an idol like him, I really will be his fan for the rest of my life.
And later got written about on his weibo.(c)
Jackson Wang Weibo Update | 170207
Just reading what those fans did for him got me teared up

Guide to Boutique Shopping, Exquisite Life.
Also today at shooting location,
Saw some of, the one I love, all of you that are mine.
It kept raining in Changsa, weather was also very cold
I couldn’t even stand being outside for 1 minute.
But all of you actually waited outside for 10 hours,
Just waited while holding my wang Sign,
My heart was hurting so badly, really..
I beg you,
I beg you not to treat yourself like that anymore
I won’t allow all of you to be like this
Don’t all of you know you would get very sick like this?
really am begging all of you, don’t treat yourself like that.
I really felt pain in my heart after seeing that, My heat sore badly

Our Jackson's Heart is made out of gold and diamonds..and this is why we love him.
Please do not stand waiting for 10 hours ..We dont want our Jackson to DIE of concern here...Just look at his face.. he is truly concerned and cares..and I asure you he couldn't sleep that night thinkig about it and thinking those Jackys and IGOT7S were gonna get sick.. in his mind thats what's he is thinking.
Please lets not give our poor baby more stress than what he has already..

accnts. cr. to their owners.

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