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This story is dedicated to @Bangtanss for winning the holiday fanfic. Event for the Winner Community back in Dec. Sorry for being late with this story.

I love you RM and hope you enjoy this mini series. This is a short intro card about the characters, plot, and schedule.

Main Characters
Jin- A love interest, once your boyfriend and hoping to be again
Jinwoo- Best friend, roommate, crush, and possible ne boyfriend
You the Reader- the heroine of the story.
Plot:You are slowly building your self confidence back up after a devastating break up with Jin. it's been 8 months and JinWoo your gay best friend or so you thought, helped get tough through it.
The day you confess that you are half in love with him but know there is no chance of anything happening because he's gay and in a healthy relationship with Mino woke you up to to the fact in order for you to be happy you needed to learn to lovr yourself first.
A journey you start to take has you healing and loving yourself and making those around you turn their heads and notice you. Jinwoo develops feelings for you and confesses to be bisexual. As you debate rather to take your friendship to a romantic relationship Jim comes back I your life one fateful night.
You never knew the real reason for the break in hopes of getting closure you might just discover the love you never truly gave up on.
Inspired by the hold me tight lyrics this story will have a view point for each main character. First chapter is in Jinwoos pov, next chapter will be reader third chapter Jin, fourth chapter a combo and last chapter maybe a combo pov as well.

If you counted right that will be 5 chapters. This is a mini series and I will try to post everyday starting tonight or early tomorrow with hopes of having it fished by next Wednesday

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