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love's flight

a love found by skateboarding and music. Childhood friendships tested by first loves, cheating, and secrets. Will love take flight and soar or crash and burn before getting the chance to spread it's wings.
a love triangle of epic portions who will tae chose suga or you?
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follow me- jinyoung centric got7 fanfic

Yes I will be bringing this card back. I need to finish this story.... I have chance 7 part 2 planned for Saturday. and I plan to post every Wednesday after that u til it is fished with chapter 10 or 12.

Healthy Love- Jinwoo winner fanfic

again I plan to start writing on this fanfic again I have at least two chapters already posted. loom for this fanfic on Sundays

Summary: A girl must first learn to love herself before she she can become loved. Jinwoo I'd your best friend who once hurt you very deeply but catapulted you into changing yourself to become happier and more confident. You end up dating one of his members just for it be ended by betrayal almost pushing you to become depressed and unhappy once more. As you learned learned to be more confident and took steps into loving yourself and being happy Jinwoo watched from the aides trying to gain your forgiveness and realising he was in love with you all along. Will you forgive and grant yourself your one wish and dream of being Jinwoos girl or will you deny your self a shot at true happiness and real love.

see the light- got7 fanfic

Again will be writing on this one again but with no one set schedule just yet.

summary: You thought he was the light that shone bright and led you out of the darkness. Jackson was your one true love or so you thought until you caught him cheating on you with Mark. Having your heart trampled you give your all to your job and in the process heal and learn it wasn't what you did but what he did. As you start to heal the members of got7 who were once your friends but all had a crush on you want a chance to be your one and only. Who will it be; Jaebum, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, or Yugyeom?
You become the light for so many but who helps you shine brightly just as much?
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hold me tight- jinwooxreaderxjin

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