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TOP Spam: Never goodbye Just a See you Later

don't cry we will be waiting for you

I will keep rewatching all your kdramas and movies that you are in

I will still turn to your music when I'm having a bad day

I will look for more photos of you and maybe even finally write a mini fanfic of you

please know you are unforgettable and will be constantly

on our minds and forever in our hearts

be in prayers and in dreams

that this just a small see you later

be safe and healthy

know not only will us top.stans miss you but your brothers: your fellow bigbang members will as well

do don't be sad thinking but be proud instead to know you inspire

so many of us and that we love you know matter what

and look forward to you coming out

even though we tried to keep you from going we are resigned and look forward

to an even more






and deadlier

golden top

that will indeed make our ovaries explode

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😭😭😭😭😭 @JiyongKey
9 months ago·Reply
see you later toppy 😭😭😭😭😭😭
9 months ago·Reply
You know is very "hard" for me right now to read all the TOP Spam cards as too much feeling on my mind....that I can't "disgust"....I will have to read one by one when my brain is "stable".😖😖😖😖
9 months ago·Reply