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Fanfic for valentines day.
Leads: Jung Hoseok (Jhope) Park Jimin Stefani (Stef) and Isolda (Sol)
Stef and Sol are best friends in high school. THey also happen to be the toughest girls in school. Constantly fighting and not making any head way in school. Will they graduate or will they fail?

"So you think you could come in our territory and mess with our school mates eh?" A young woman stands before a group of guys. Her name was Stefani or Stef for short. She was the baddest girl in school right along with her best friend Sol.
"Are you guy asking for a beating?" Another woman answers. Her name was Sol. The guys scuffs and looks at them like they were a joke.
"Do you little girls think you can take us on?" the man who was the leader spoke looking at us in distain. Sol and Stef share a look and smirks.
"Why dont we test that out." Stef smirked and got into position.
"Never underestimate your foes gentlemen." Sol smiles deviously. The men gave a loud yell and rushed at us. They go on the defensive blocking every kick and punch. Toying with them. The leader noticed this and smirks.
"Are the little girls scared to fight back, hm?" he laughs. Stef and Sols face turns fierce at the phrase 'little girl'. They were small in stature but made up with quick movements. They hated being called little girls.
"You asked for" they spoke in unison. They quickly went on the offensive throwing kicks and punches, their movements were fluid and graceful. Picking the men off one at a time. Finally the men all lay on the ground in a heap of battered and bruised bodies. They look at us in disbelief.
"H-how could we be defeated by girls?" the leader exclaimed. We lean down towards them get a sense of delight as he cringes away.
"We are Stef and Sol and we are the Army duo" Stef said smiling as the mens faces pale.
"I see you heard of us and yet you still attacked us." Sol observed.
"We didnt know!" The men climb to their feet and bows. "Please forgive us! We wont ever step in your territory again!" The leader begged and pleaded. Stef lean closer to him her voice takes on a threatening low tone.
"If we ever catch you back here or bothering our school mates. We wont be so merciful" She sits up."Now get lost". The men jump up scrambling over each other to get away. Stef looks over at Sol and they start laughing.
"Those guys were no match for us." Sol said inbetween giggles.
"Lets head to school." Stef said.
They start walking to school not even caring their uniforms were dusty or that they had bruised knuckles. It was a common appearance for the girls. Noone questioned them about it. They were beautiful girls but they could careless how people see them.
They make it to school on time and head to their class. The students watch them enter and sit down.
"Yah! What are you looking at?" Stef said. The students jump and turn away fearfully.
Stef sits back crossing her arms over her chest and stares out the window. Sol already put her head down and started taking a nap. The class drones on as the two girls ignore what s being said. Stef looks around the class watching the boredom coming from the students except for two students. Jung Hoseok and Park Jimin were the smartest boys in school and also most handsome. You would think they would have a flock of girls after them cause they were so handsome but girls seem to avoid them cause they were so smart and studious. Stef thinks its because the girls have big fish to stare at and that was the popular boy group Bangtan Sonyeondan. They were a group of boys who happen to be very handsome and well liked.
Rumors were they tried to recruit Hoseok and Jimin into their group but they respectfully decline. School was more important to them then popularity. Stef was dragged from her thoughts as the bell rings. Before Stef and Sol could leave.
"Ms. Lee, Ms. Pazo, Mr. Jung and Mr. Park please stay after class." The teacher says. We all walk up to the desk.
"Ms. Lee and Ms. Pazo I am concerned about your grades. If you guys keep this up you will fail." teacher continues "Thats why Mr.Jung and Mr.Park will be your tutors." Stef and Sol both open their mouths to object but the teacher cuts them off with a look.
"Their will be no arguing." she looks at Jimin and Hoseok. "Are you boys up for the challenge?" She asked.
"Yes teacher." They say in unison. She nods and pulls out a piece of paper holding a schdule.11
"Everyday after school you four will report to the library. I already arrange with the librarian to have a copy of her key to let you all in. Any questions?" She said sternly. Stef and Sol werent afraid of many things but they were terrified of their teacher.
"No ma'am" the four said in unison. She smiles "very good now off with you four and tomorrow starts your tutoring." we all bow and leave the room. We all head outside in silence until Hoseok turns to us and speaks.
"We should formally introduce ourselves. I am Jung Hoseok and this is my best friend Park Jimin." he thrust out his hand to them. Stef shakes his hand. "Im Lee Stefani and this is my best friend Pazo Isolda."
"Nice to meet you both and lets work well together and you can call me Jimin." Jimin said
"You can call me Hoseok or J-Hope." Hoseok said.
"You can call me Stef and Isoda Sol. Yes lets work well together." Stef replies. We all leave our seperate way.

Time skip next day...
Once again Stef and Sol found them in a fight when they saw some men sexually harrassing their school mates. This fight was more of a challenge though the girls won they didnt leave unscathed. Stef was sporting a busted lip and black eye. Sol was sporting a black eye and bloody nose.
"Dammit cant believe those perverts got a few hits on us." Stef says angerly.
"I want to go back and beat the hell out of them all over again" Sol exclaimed angerly.
"They were lucky the cops got them." Stef said. "Shit we are so late for school." Sol shouts suddenly. They rush to school ignoring their bodies protest at the sudden rush. We get to school a few hours late. The secretary takes one look at us and rushes us to the nurses office.
"Goodness Stef and Sol I think this is youre guys worse injuries yet." she exclaimed in concern.
"We werent as good as we thought." Sol grumbled. As the nurse starts to tend to our wounds.
"So you ladies know that valentines day is in a week right." She said.
"Yeah but you know we dont care about that hallmark holiday" Stef replies.
"Dont you girls have guys you like?" she asked shocked,
"No we dont." Sol said though we both know it was a balant lie. Stef gets lost in thought; We both have a crush on someone because they are both the opposite of us. I have a crush in Hoseok. He was kind and sweet and always smiling. He was a giant ball of sunshine but only to those he is close to. Only reason i know that side of him was because i witness it in my junior year. Sol and were walking home one day and caught sight of Jimin and Him smiling and laughing. It was the most beautiful sight. Sol has a crush on Jimin cause of the same situation. My eyes were on Hoseok hers was on Jimin.' Stef breaks from her thoughts as the nurse doors are swung open and walks in the homeroom teacher and Hoseok and Jimin right behind her. She rushes towards us.
"Oh my god are you girls ok?" she exclaims.
"We are fine teach just got a little bruised up is all." Sol says nonchalantly. She sighs knowing we will always have a tough front.
"If you say so. You girls dont need to come to class today and rest up in here, but I still expect you to be at the library for tutoring." She says sternly
"Yes teacher." they say. After one last look at them she leaves.
"Stef are you sure you are ok?" Hoseok speaks softly concern shining in his eyes.
"Yes Hoseok I am ok" Stef gives him a small smile.
"And you Sol?" Jimin speaks next.
"Yes Jimin. Im fine." Sol replies. They dont look convinced but they smile at them.
"We will see you later." They both leave as the girls stares after them speechless and blushing.
"Well it would seem you ladies do have crushes." the nurse says. Their faces heat up as they blush choosing to keep their mouthes closed... Today will be a long day.

Part 2 coming soon..
This was meant to be a oneshot but that failed so its going to be a 2 shot. So hope you enjoy it.