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Elo Snow Bunnies

I'm gonna focus on the game cards at thr moment.
What ever it is I have its kicking my behind :(

But lets see your results ^^

What Cause your reunion?


You bump into each other at a cafe, and even ended up ordering the same thing as well. He was so happy to see you again. He forgot about his order.


Well aren't you lucky... you ended up on the same plane and sitting next to him as well. Damn I want your luck. TnT


You can't hide it, you're actually a fan of AOMG. When you went to the concert you got VIP and ended up front. When he spotted you and had security make you meet them in the pack ^u~


You two staying in the same hotel as each other. He spotted you in the lobby and surprised you with a backhug before kissing you're cheek. Oh the naughty things he must of been thinking xD


Apparently you two have mutural friends. Cause when you told them about the festival for the chinese new year. Your man was doing to same. Your friend forced you two to reunite to shut up the bragging.


You ran into each other at a house partt you were both invited too. He got you drinking and dancing the night away with him. Even went home with him that same night. OooOoo

Hope you like your outcome...part 9 will be posted tomorrowwhere we find out the ride he be driving you with ^-~


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I like mine but I should done Window four
10 months ago·Reply
now you know why i. said 4 was amusing xD
10 months ago
idk how I missed D-8 but chose window 4 before reading the results and happy with my outcome.
10 months ago·Reply
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I'm on, just got lost in my notifications.
10 months ago
I'm happy with what I chose. I think that's the best way to reunite!! So I'm happy 😁😁😁😍😍
10 months ago·Reply
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@royalpandajedi what you mean by anything over the top?! lol... so noott true!! haha.. think about it we can talk for hours during the flight. that's precious time 😂😂😁😁
10 months ago
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there's nothing wrong with 4 i picked 6
10 months ago