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Okay so I don't know if any of you have seen "Here comes Robo 109- KDI". the web series just started a think a week or so ago. (I just started to watch) Anyway it is the funniest thing, the robots take on some things is like comical even as he says it like a fact.

I going to share coffee scene cuz I just found it so awesome to know, then it was like oh Yey! Lol coffee good for you!

Burns fat! oh boy, plus strength confidence and creates less nerves, no wonder I like coffee so much! lol

By the way if anyone else is watching, I've been trying to figure out, who is the main girl and robot guy?


Is this that drama that Kai was supposed to be in?
robot guy is Tae ho....lol well at least the guy that plays Tae ho in missing 9
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Maybe once Missing Nine is over, I can enjoy the web drama, but especially after tonight's M-9 episode, it may be a while...