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Hiya Melodies!!!!
I'm here to bring you my dream day with Squishy here on one of his days off. Of course all the things I wanna do would take more than one day. But let's start off with the first day.
We would start off with a relaxing morning and go to a local coffee shop. With a book and tablet in hand, I'll read while he works on his english. Of course I help him every now and then. A reward of a small kiss on the cheek.
We drink espressos with cute designs made in the foam. Yummy macaroons to snack on. Watching all the busy streets stay busy and people come in go. We loose track of time.
After the coffee what better way than to go relax in an all hour sauna. And they have those amazing sauna eggs!
we get our towels and meet by the food window. Minhyuk helps me wrap my hair in tbe towl with the two buns. And I peel his eggs for him. Ajimas and Ajishes keep saying how we are such a cute couple. Often referring to me as his wife.
Boy better wife me after this date.
I'm just saying.
After staying the night at the sauna we stop to get shaved ice cream before he has to go back to work.
Cause this is the best breakfast anyone can have right? We order the Green Tea and black bean shaved ice. One is enough for us to share. Trying my hardest to eat as slow as possible, I really don't want him to leave me.
But time catches up and I walk him back to the studio. Hugging and a nice passionate kiss good bye I walk back to our apartment and begin planning the next day he has off.
How was that? Good one day date right? I really wish I could have that. Or at least dream about it. Until next time Melodies.