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Right now the big drama that has people rally up is Heirs, but they aren't number one yet. The drama that is ranking on top of the charts is none other then the drama Secret...shhhh...this is not a Secret. Secret isn't a bad drama at all of course it stars Ji Sung who plays the rich son who has everything that he wanted, that is until the one girl he loves tragically dies while being pregnant with their child! The cause of the accident, well Bae Soo Bin and Hwang Jung Eum were driving on that rainy night and well to make is short Bin hits Sung's love. The effect of this Eum takes the blame for Bin fearing that his whole career would be ruin and she is then imprison for five years. While in prison she finds out that she is pregnant. So much happens after that but there is already six episodes so it would be quite a long recap, so I'll just skip to episode 6 and point all the epic stuff. Eum is being harassed by Sung because he stills think that she did it. Eum's father knows that Bin was the cause of the accident and that Eum was taking the blame for it. Eum's father is then found DEAD! (Something suspicious happen there, considering Bin was the last one with him when he found him!) Eum calls it quits with Bin. (Poor girl she lost her baby, house, unemployed, criminal background, her dad, and now the guy that threw her life away for). In the ending of episode 6 Sung goes looking for Eum which then he finds her on the floor passed out in the bakery, he rushes her to the hospital where he tells her that she can not die without his permission and BOOM it ends there with no trailer for the next episode! Talk about a cliffhanger, so a lot has happen in just 6 episodes and a lot of mysteries has occur as well. So what's to come on the next episodes is quite unpredictable. Go ahead and leave your comments/thoughts below. Peace. :) P.S. Don't forget to watch next weeks episodes!
@nylamrehs I do too that would melt my heart, haha...I haven't seen Heirs yet or Medical Top Team yet. And the only one I'm watching is Secret and the upcoming Future Choice, pretty much it. I'll look for some other ones. @MasriDaniela Yes it is, it just leaves you speechless that you can't describe it in words. I'm really hook onto this drama.
i am sure it is a masterpiece i simply love it "-'
@evelyn.. yeah.. the intensity of how much he hates is just scary.. but i hope when he loves her i sure would love to see that kind of intensity... yeah.. would be watching out for future choice.. love yonghwa too eversince his i am loner days.. very charismatic.. and of course i love yoon eun hae but her hair style is just too scary in this drama.. hope it changes soon.. i love heirs and excited for the coming eps.. . the intensity of his gaze to park shin hae is just so heavy that i just had to squeel everytime he does it... and i am afraid i'm gonna be squeeling a lot in this drama.. excited for when they are all in korea and starts school.. love to see how LMH reacts to KWB's intetest for PSH.. and i wanna how the arrogant KWB falls for our heir of poor... i started medical top team too.. and i thought it was really good.. you can already see how KSW was attracted to RW and that JJH already had feelings for her.. and the surgeries are much detailed than in good dr...starting to love it.. how about you? what dramas are you watching and would like to recommend again?
@saharhyunjoong yeah you won't regret it. :) this drama is totally drama. Hahaha. @nylamrehs I hope he does kind of soon, because I don't like how he acts like a jerk to her. And I know it's typical drama status that the guys are usually jerks, but he's a jerk in as if he wants to kill her type of jerk. :p
@evelyn .. yeah.. we'll just to wait and see.. i'm guessing JS will be the first one to have feelings for HJE.. in what ep.. IDK. .. lol @dana.. yeah.. i will definitely the latest eps..
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