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Hello dears,
As much as i was hoping everything i have been seeing for so long was wrong it appears I have some sad news.
L.Joe has decided to null his contract with top Media.
The process to do this has only just begun and was recently announced.
From the article, it appears that L.Joe had signed a personal contract with Top Media until Jan 2018 so he could pursue a solo career. However, Top Media was restricting L.Joe to extremes. There were many casters from shows who reached out to L.Joe to participate but Top Media wasn't working well with others. Because of this, L.Joe is trying to null the contract so he can search for a new company in order to continue participating in solo feats.
Now this isn't all sad news!!
L.Joe is doing this so he can focus on a solo career.
As angels we need to support him as best as we can.
L.joe had been considering going solo for a little over a year now. He started to take the steps required since about October.
L.Joe still very much loves Teen top and Angels so please do not be sad!
We know that L.Joe has loved acting and would like to continue doing so. Sadly Top Media isn't the best company to work with when it comes to getting work.
In order for L.Joe to grow he needs to find a company that will allow him to achieve his dreams.
Let's all hope for the best for L.Joe and hope he finds what he is looking for. Let's also keep supporting him!
L.Joe Fighting! I will always be your fan.
Here is the Korean article discussing the events.
here is an english article from soompi
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Its very sad to hear. People are crying and their hearts ache
I'm so sad he's leaving! But I'm glad he's doing what's best for him! Is Teen Top going to promote without him?
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I'm so sad!!!!
Ahhhh why are so many idols leaving groups recently?! It sucks!!😫
I'm fairly new to the community, so I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'm kind of disappointed in a way but I don't know the full details.
Fighting!!!!!! And stay in touch with Teen Top members after you part ways. It gives you more publicity when a member meets with other members after parting. That and it'd be nice to see you maintaining that group relationship!!