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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby) Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes...

Ju Kyung's POV
He woke up before her and tried to figure out what he was going to do. He couldn't cook and Mina was out for the rest of the week. It was Saturday so she shouldn't have any work. Her office was never opened on the weekend. He had set the strongest headache pills he had by the bed with a glass of water for her. When she woke up, she probably wouldn't remember what happened. She wouldn't remember that he said he loved her. He wasn't backing out of it but he wondered how he should say it again. Her words of last night ran through his head. She was out of fight and full hate, anger and pain. Everyone took advantage of her and hurt her. Even him. Especially him. She used to be afraid of him grabbing her neck because he'd lose himself when he did. The feeling of taking life had never left him. He never consciously wanted to her hurt but when his mind slipped back to the past, to the woman he adored and ended up betraying him, it was hard for him to let go. No one ever punished him for the things he did. No one dared try to. He wasn't the one to give up control so easily but he felt he owed it to her to give her something back. Whipped cream and strawberries was all he had. She liked strawberries though, it was all he could do for now. If he left to get food he ran the risk of her leaving him again. He needed to talk to her. He came upstairs to see her still asleep but she was whimpering. He saw her hand grip the pillow, was she breathing in a shaky way. He sat down on the bed and placed the bowl of strawberries on the dresser. He leaned forward and brushed his hand across her cheek. "My sweet bunny." He whispered. I wanted my baby! Taehyun was the worst. He saw him as a friend. It not like they were close but he liked talking to him with Hyunsu. Hyunsu had pissed him off too. He wished she had just told him who Taehyun was. "Stop." She groaned in her sleep in pain. "Y/n." He said lightly as he shook her. Her eyebrows furrowed but he saw her eyes begin to open up slowly. She stared out for a moment and then looked up at him. She looked around like she'd never seen the room before but Ju Kyung figured she was trying to remember how she got here. "How's your head?" He said lightly. She pulled away from him and it was the worst feeling in the world for him. She looked away while covering herself up. He reached out to brush her hair back and she flinched slightly but didn't move after that. He ran his finger through her hair to pet her and he saw her very slowly start to relax. He continued his petting until she melted into his touch.
"My sweet bunny." He whispered. "I'm not your bunny anymore."she said. "I know but you'll always be a bunny to me." She curled up more and rested her chin on her folded arms. Ju Kyung slowly pulled his hand away from her hair and grabbed the bowl of strawberries. He brought one out for her. He lifted it to her lips but she shook her head. Ju Kyung sighed and came closer to her face. He softly pressed his lips to hers. She backed away a bit but he continued to kiss her and when he got her lips to part he slipped the strawberry up to her mouth. "I'm sorry I don't have a real meal for you. This is all I've got for now." He said. She looked away, it was taking a lot out of him to make her look back at him. She wasn't his pet anymore, he had no control over her. That was hard. It had always been hard for him. His past pets, since he'd met her, he had become controlling with because he wanted her. He wanted her so bad and he was behaving around her but everytime she was on another man, every time she dated someone new, every moment she wasn't his, it drove him crazy. He wanted her bad. He was a control freak he wanted her under him. He wanted her obeying him, loving him, wanting him. He wanted all of her for himself and he no longer had that permission. "My head is killing me." She groaned lowly. He gave her the pills he sat on the dresser and the glass of water. She took them avoiding his face the entire time. "Do you remember anything from last night?" He asked. She looked up at him on the verge of tears again. She shook her head. "Nothing at all?" He asked disheartened. "I went to the club that's all I remember." "Why did you go to the club alone? You've cut everyone off, what's going on in that head of yours Y/n? Getting drunk around us is fine, we've got your back we'll make sure you're safe but to get wasted alone is dangerous." She covered her ears and pulled her head down. He could hear her sniff and he saw her tears fall. She was shaking, he lifted her head so she would look at him. Her hands were still to her ears. He kissed her forehead. Ju Kyung was not known to be gentle. If he thought about it, if he was consciously trying to be gentle it wouldn't happen. He liked rough and hard movements. He liked punishing, he liked slamming and pinning his women down. He loved to be in control, he loved the power he had. The power he could display over the ones he claimed as his. Ju Kyung craved power, he craved control...
But he loved her. No matter how much he craved those things, he loved her more. He loved her and wanted to protect her. There was no need for him to think about being gentle to her, his body knew it. His hands knew they had to be soft. His lips knew to be caring, his voice knew to be soothing, his body knew to be a shield. His entire being switched for her, only for her because he loved her. Seeing her this scared, this hurt and this broken, made his harsh personality fall. The Ju Kyung she was used to seeing smile and joke around came up but an entirely new half was born to him. The side that she needed, his protective side that was more about comforting and taking away her pain than this side that wanted to punish her for choosing the wrong men...including him. He brought her into a hug while she cried. He ran his hand down her back, up and down in a soothing motion. The way she hid her pain in both sarcasm and drinking was no longer helping. When the devil came back into her life, her mask broke and showed Ju Kyung what was really underneath. "I love you." He said. He heard a stall in her crying and she looked up at him. "What?" She said. "I love you." He said. He wiped the tears away from her eyes with the back of his finger. She looked up at him with furrowed eyebrows. Then looked down, "You don't have to say it back just know it. Know I love you." He said softly. She covered her mouth to hide her cries more. She shook her head, "No, don't. Don't love me. Don't." She said. "That's not something I can stop." "Why not, just don't feel it. Don't love me." She said. "It's impossible." He said brushing her hair back. "He'll never leave me alone. He'll keep coming back Ju Kyung, please don't." She cried. She started to move but he sat her back down and cupped her face. He kissed her. He felt her hands grab onto his shirt. He held her face and pulled away. "I could never leave you alone. Even if you're not my pet, your still mine. I will never let anyone hurt you. I will never let anyone close enough to hurt you again." "He'll kill me. He'll kill you. He's so angry, he's fucking pissed he's going to-" She was panicking and not breathing right. She was crying hard but her breathing was so uneven and short. "Listen to me baby. I need you to breathe. Breathe Y/n." "I don't want to go back. I don't want to be there. He'll hurt me. I couldn't leave him Ju Kyung. I can't fight him." She cried. He held her tight in his arms and he rocked her. "Y/n just listen to me. Just breathe, breathe. In and out. Focus on your breathing. Everything is going to be okay baby."

I'll kill him. He was going to destroy Taehyun for doing this to her. Her breathing finally evened out. He sat behind her and wrapped his arms around her. She calmed down, his hands over took hers and he kissed the nape of her neck to her shoulder. He kissed her cheek and she sank into him. She was silent for a while, he felt her head lean against his chest. Her fingers had laced with his, her other hand was wiping away the rest of the tears on her face. "I don't want to go back there." She said. "I wouldn't make you. You ended the contract." He said softly. "I hate him so much." She whispered. He kissed the back of her head. "Did he suspend you?" He asked. She nodded. "Is that how you got the scar?" She shook her head. "I don't want to talk about it." She said. "Last night you said you were sick of being hit when you've never done anything." "I am. I'm so sick of it but I can't get away." She whispered. "Why did you stay with me? Why didn't you leave before, I gave you so many options. Why stay?" "Because I wanted to know. I wanted to know why you were like this, you don't tell me much. I thought if I stayed you would. You were doing better when you were timed. The fucked up thing is I'm too addicted to pain. Despite being sick of it I can't stay away from it long enough." She said. "You're addicted to pain?" "I'm too used to it. It feels odd when I have a grace period. That's why I always end up back in fucked up relationships. That's why even after Taehyun I couldn't stop hooking up with shitty men. I don't know how to stop but I'm so sick of it. Every man after my father has just been an asshole unafraid to harm me but I'm too addicted to stop it." She said. He heard her sniff and her hands went to her stomach, "Maybe losing the baby was my punishment for my addiction." "No. Don't say that. Taehyun is never touching you again. I promise you." "You shouldn't make promises you can't keep." She said. "I can keep it." She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. She laid her head on his chest. "Thank you for my birthday present." He said. He felt her nod. "How's your head?" he asked. "Still hurts but not as bad." "You need to eat Y/n." He said. "Not hungry." "Come on, just a few bites for me." He grabbed a strawberry and put it up to her lips. She took a small bite and chewed slowly. Her eyes were shut and she was relaxing. "I want- to be with you." She said softly. "You are Y/n." He said. "No I'm not. Not really. I was only your pet not your girlfriend. Now I'm nothing." He sighed and lifted her up a bit. She faced him completely and he cupped her cheeks. "I love you. I love you very much but pet and Master relationships are what I do. I wouldn't mind being your boyfriend but- it's hard for me to really be with anyone without some form of submission." "Do you still want to punish me?" She asked so disheartened. "No, my beautiful bunny. I don't want to hurt you, I don't want you like this." "I can only be with you if I'm a pet?" He didn't know how to be a boyfriend. He knew how to be a Master. His answer could only be yes to that question and she knew it. She looked more upset. "I don't want to go back there." She said. "I wouldn't want you to." He said. "Why can't I just be a pet here? Why can't you just- why can't you just be with me here?" He pecked her lips and wrapped his hand around her waist. He pushed her down to the bed and got on top of her. His hand brushed her hair back and he came down to kiss her again. He raised her shirt and kissed her stomach softly. He kissed up her body and past her breast. He licked her neck while his hands came down to her pants. He unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down. "Do I have to be your pet? Would you stop loving me if I wasn't." "I could never stop loving you baby," He said coming to kiss her ear. "But like you said, I'm a control freak and eventually I'll want to make you a pet again. I'll want you to obey me and only me." He said. His kisses stayed soft for her but his hands gripped her sides to hold her firmly. He kissed her skin, up and down her jawline and neck. He kissed her collarbone and her shoulders, anything he could kiss, he kissed softly. He picked her up off the bed and took her to the bathroom and took off her shirt and bra. He started to run the bath for her. His tub was huge, meant for two people and there was no way he'd pass up sex in the tub with her. He set the lights low, anything to get her to relax. He wanted her to be his for right now. His mind didn't think gentle or hard; his body just knew how to touch her. She didn't argue, her eyes were still a little puffy from crying but the redness was trying to fade away. She slipped into the tub and he disrobed getting right behind her. He had a soft loofah hanging from the bath faucet. He took it and squeezed some soap onto it and began washing her slowly. His hands moved slow and roamed her body, cleaning her thoroughly. She watched him but her eyes kept moving from his face to his hands. He leaned in close to her. His lips were close enough to kiss her if he wanted to. He wanted to. He moved his head slowly feeling the way her breathing changed to show she was turned on. Her eyes finally met his again and he came closer to get her lips. She placed her hands on his shoulders to stop him. He looked at her wondering what was wrong. She stared at him still trying to breathe right. His hand drew the loofah up her leg and to her thigh. Her breathing became more unsteady. Her eyes were heavy, there was no denying she wanted it. So why was she hesitating? "If I obey- will you still want me to be a pet?" "Y/n." "I want you Ju Ju. I do but I can't go back there. I can't do it he'll end me." "He won't touch you." "You touch me. I want you to touch me. After today would you still touch me? If I'm not your pet will you still touch me?" "No." He said honestly. It was almost as if her could see her heart sink. "Y/n I ended your registration and I've left the club as well. No one in that club is touching you again." "We won't be together after this?" "I'll still love you Y/n and we'll still be friends but I only do pet and Master relationships. It's the way I am. It's clear to me my sweet bunny," He brushed a piece of wet hair behind her ear. "If I continue with you as a pet you may hate me and I will hurt you." He said. "There's pleasure in pain, right? You don't have to punish me you can just- just touch me." She grabbed his hands and placed them on either side of her neck. She may not have even realized what she had done. He quickly moved his hand to her cheeks. He didn't want to hurt her now. "I can be a good pet but I don't want to be punished. I just want you to stop hitting me." "Baby." "Don't leave me." She said small. He pressed his lips to hers and kissed her softly. His hand made it to her breast massaging them slowly. He kissed down her neck again and he heard her moan as her head went back. Such a beautiful sound, he didn't listen to it as well as he should've the other times but he heard her now. His fingers found her entrance and pushed inside of her. Her body rose and she breathed in sharply, so beautifully. He kissed her breast while his fingers moved in and out of her slowly; her mewls filled the bathroom bouncing off the walls making him dive even more into her. He adored this side of her. So beautiful and vulnerable. His sweet bunny. His... "Ju Kyung." She said softly reaching for his shoulders. "Yes baby." "I want you inside." He nodded and came closer to her, he removed his fingers from her heat and placed himself by her entrance. He lifted her legs, opening her up as much as he could to him. He glided up her folds for a moment, simply teasing her. Her nipples grew hard and looked even more delicious to suck on. He came back to her entrance and pushed into her a bit quickly. She took his last few inches in slowly and he started moving for her. Her chest rose in a long inhale. Her head was thrown back and her voice was low but her breathing was such a turn on. Her hands came up around his neck and his hips moved slowly in her. Her legs locked around his waist and he loved it. He loved having her this close to him. He kissed her neck and licked her collarbone. Her soft mewls turned into loud moans. Pure pleasure seeped from her lips, while his stayed latched to her body. She tasted amazing! She was delicious, so delicious. He groaned into her neck still moving steady but his thrusts became a little harder. Not so much that he wasn't gentle anymore but she felt more.

So much more.

He could tell by the loud moans she released into the air. "Y/n." He said in a moan. "Ju- Kyung." She moaned back. "I want you to cum for me. Can you be a good girl?" He said moving in her. She nodded, his hand cupped the side of her neck while his hips fucked her deeper and a little harder. He felt her tighten around him, her walls aching for him. "Then fucking cum for me baby girl. Cum hard for me." He said. Her moans rose as he lifted her higher so she was lifted out of the water more. Her entire body wrapped him into her. He fucked her faster. It was so amazing, hearing that beautiful voice whine for him. Feeling her strong grip on him, she was so damn tight and he couldn't help but love the feeling of it. He bit her all over, closing in on her orgasm feeling her tighten even more around him. Her hands gripped his shoulders and her moans were louder and closing in. "Ju Kyung! Oh my God!" She screamed. The way her body quaked against his had him riding in her not only searching for his release but enjoying the feeling of her body gripping his. He quickly moved his hand down to her waist feeling the need to squeeze something and if he stayed on her neck he'd lose it. "Fuck!" He groaned. He shot inside her hot ribbons. She may have gotten a little light headed though. She rested her head against the bathtub and her eyes were closed as she tried to settle her breathing. He drained the tub only turning on the water to wash her up again. She tried to do it
herself but her hand moved lazily like she had little life in her. She was falling asleep again. What was he going to do with her? She'd hate him after this but it was clear he was bad for her. He loved her so much and it was practically killing him to even think of this as the end. Not just the end of her being his but their friendship. He took her out of the tub and dried her off. He gifted her one of his shirts and left her in the master bedroom after he put her back to bed. He had the rest of the weekend with her and even if he spent the rest of it in bed with her, he would have at least spent it with her.... He was the one to drive her to her house. He had some of his men in his darker connections follow them around at a safe distance for the next two days they were together. Her moment of weakness had gone away once she'd woken back up. It seemed like the normal Y/n was back. She was sarcastic as ever and playful with him. He wasn't sure if that was okay or not. Her sarcasm was a defence to not deal with any more pain. Still he did everything he could to keep her happy. He was even kissing her in public. Granted he was kissing her forehead and cheek but it was something different than he wasn't used to. He even watched a movie with her and played games with her. She was in his care for two whole days and he couldn't have been happier. The night he returned her home he told her, "Y/n my sweet bunny." "I'm not your bunny anymore." "I know baby but I still think of you as one." He said before petting her head. He smiled when he saw her sigh. "I can't see you anymore." He said. She turned to him, "Yeah you said you wouldn't if I wasn't your pet." "No baby. I mean I can't even see you as a friend. From now on we shouldn't hang out or anything." "What?" She said already getting upset. "I have the ability to hurt you even without meaning to. As long as you're addicted to pain I'll only be a supplier. You won't get better, you'll get worse. I've asked Jay and Chase to keep an eye on you."
"I don't want them to keep an eye on me I want you." She said upset. "I'm sorry Y/n." He said. He pulled his hand away, "It'll be better this way." He said. She scoffed and just shook her head. She looked at him in disbelief but anger. He could see the wetness of her eyes but the fact that he was doing this to her, the stubbornness that existed in her wouldn't allow her to cry again for him. She quickly opened the car door and slammed it behind her before she headed up to her front door. There's no way he'd leave her completely out of his sight, his men would stay on her and report to him, no one was ever going to hurt her again and there was no way in hell he was letting Taehyun get close to her again. The next day he had gone to Mr.Lee's office to go discuss business about another branch. He was just in the middle of speaking with him when Minjun walked into the office room. "Excuse the interruption Mr.Lee, Y/n has given us the stats on our latest project. She wants you to review them and make sure you're okay with everything that's she's put in place." Minjun said. It was only a day and the mention of Y/n had Ju Kyung's heart swelling. She was so upset at him. "I'll look over these in just a second once I finish up with Mr.Sun here I'll give her a call." "She'll be out for lunch sir. She's not expected back into the office until two." Minjun said. "Two? That's a long lunch." Mr.Lee said. "She's got a few people to meet up with she said." Minjun answered. What people was she meeting up with? Ju Kyung stayed silent listening to them speak. He hated the way Minjun was looking over at him. Mr.Lee was called out for an important call just when he was trying to get back to their conversation. He politely excused himself and Minjun walked over and leaned against the table. "She's quite moody today." "Did you touch her?" Ju Kyung said quickly. "Are you kidding? She doesn't let me close enough to even reach out to her." Minjun chuckled. "Good." He said annoyed. "You know I'm the one that should be like that to you. After all the things you did. Does she even know about your past as well as I do?" "Taecyeon deserved what he got and even Jay admitted that." "Taecyeon isn't the problem and Jay Hyung is a none issue. He didn't grow up on the same streets as us." "You mean he wasn't involved in the same hell as us." Ju Kyung corrected. "How would she feel knowing you've killed not just men but women too with your bare hands. As I remember Gi was in bed with you when you strangled her to death. Then there was Tessa, Hae-cha, Jimin and the one that pisses me off the most: Jooyoung." "She betrayed me." He said pissed. "She loved you even when I told her not to." "She was taking information from my gangs and selling them. She put my men at risk and everything I worked for. Just because I grew up poor doesn't mean I was a damn idiot." "She was my best friend." "Too bad." Ju Kyung practically spit. Minjun looked completely annoyed with him. He kicked himself up off of the table. "She's your best friend too isn't she? She was so young when she got away from her abusive father only to live with a man that made her a stripper." Minjun said. "What the fuck are you talking about?" He said. "I don't have to kill Y/n to hurt you Ju Kyung. By now you've already proven how much like them you are. I'm thorough when I research someone. She was a stripper for nearly five years. The man she lived with employed her there. Plenty of men have seen that beautiful body, plenty of men have touched her body." "Do you want to die?" "Oh I haven't even gotten to the best part yet. She's jumped from man to man, abusive relationship to abusive relationship and then she got pregnant. Funny thing though, there was no record of an abortion or even a birth. There was a record of a miscarriage. She claimed to have fallen down the stairs after she tripped over a step and she lost the baby. Doctor's report said there was bruising to her stomach, suggesting she was actually beaten when she lost her baby." "I'll crush your throat." Ju Kyung said feeling anger rise even more in him. "You'd think a girl like her would learn to stay away from dangerous men but every man has been nothing but abusive and then she goes and befriends a man like you. How many times have you tried to kill her? How many times have you put your hands on her the same way they did? Does she know the demon inside of you? Does she know how much you enjoy it, does know how much of a sadist you are?" Ju Kyung stood up and grabbed his throat. "If you say or do anything to her I will not hesitate to crush your windpipe do you fucking understand me." He said. "I don't have to do anything Ju Kyung. Her ex will do it for me." Minjun grinned. "Her ex. Minjun what did you do?" "Pointed him in the right direction that's all." Ju Kyung's phone rang, he quickly answered it. "Boss Taehyun's got her but we've lost them. It's like they knew we were watching her." "Find them. Find them as fast as you can and for every mark he puts on her put two bullets in him." he said. "Should we kill him?" "No, don't kill him. I want that honor for myself." Ju Kyung said. He hung up and looked at Minjun. "Why are you bringing her into this?" "My best friend died at your hands. I loved her just as you love Ms.Y/n. He'll kill her for me. Even if you kill me Ju Kyung, how long will you survive knowing her death was a result of your past actions. Could you live with that guilt? Could you survive knowing she died because of you?" Ju Kyung punched him in the face. He grabbed him and kneed him in the gut then punched him in the face again. He would've done more, he could've done more but he needed to get to her first. He promised. He promised her Taehyun would never touch her again. Y/n. Fight... Y/n's POV You hadn't even seem it coming. You were replaying what Ju Kyung had told you and you felt so empty. You didn't even notice it when he grabbed you and pushed you in the ally. He slammed your body against the building and pushed your head into the wall bringing your hand behind your back. "You stupid fucking bitch." He said. Fear and anger ran through you. He turned you around and grabbed you by your neck. "You disrespected me in front of a lot of important people." He said. He quickly squeezed your neck before you could say anything. You scratched at his hand and he slammed you into the wall again. You tried to force yourself not to cry but this time you were afraid he'd really kill you. Taehyun was going to kill you. "Why are you even still alive? You're pathetic." "Stop it." You tried to cry out. "Shut the fuck up I didn't ask you to speak. I wouldn't piss me off even more than you already have." You tried to push him away. "Aw you poor fucking baby. So weak and useless. He's been touching you so sweetly hasn't he? That's why you wanted him to protect you from me? Ju Kyung can't keep me from you baby. Let's go, you have some punishment to take." He said. He led you to a car at the other end of the ally and pushed you in it. You wanted Ju Kyung, you needed him. You were never strong enough to take on Taehyun. Just stubborn enough to talk back, he was so upset now. You were just afraid....

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