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Hey guys it's Axos. This week we got a door game. (I tried posting it 3 times today) The theme is moving to Korea. Lets see which sexy Beast you meet and how your day goes. RESULTS
WELCOME TO KOREA!?!?!....Now get off the plane. SHOO FLY SHOO Alright now let's get down to business. Why are you here you ask? Well you tell me. This is your story not mine. The good news is that you have a place to stay so don't be panicking and leave your phone in your pocket. Your cousin will be hear in an hour to get you so go find your luggage. Alright now your at the designated area that you'll be picked up....... what's that? Someone called your name....but that's not your cousins voice. Hurry find the person who is looking for you.
My Oh my. That is not your cousin but he is cute. Actually he looks familiar. Wait! Isn't he from Beast?Ahh look he has a sign with your name on it! So this is your ride eh? Not bad not bad. His smile is killer. OK so your now headed to your destination and don't have to pay a fee. Plus your driver has been asking you questions about you moving here and gets to know you a tiny bit. Isn't it nice? Heck yes. Oh that reminds me. Your at your destination. OK drag your bags to the top as your kind and handsome helper holds the heavy stuff. Please make sure you guys make it safely up the building. I don't want my Beast member or you spraining anything. And here we are standing at the door. Now knock so you can be let in.
Whoa!! Is that your cousin? I see why your such a looker. Now go inside. Come on I don't have all day and neither does your cousin. Bye bye Sexy Beast who gave the ride. Finally your here!! You haven't seen your cousin in so long and now you guys can catch....up? Wait, why is your cousin rambling on about leaving you here? Seriously? Their busy STILL so you have to settle in on your own. OK let's not panic they said they'll be back by 6. Its still 12 so you have plenty of time. Man you really should have eaten before you left the airport. Wait never mind it's your new place. Your cousin knows you need to eat. Bye bye cousin. it's time to raid the fridge and get yourself some grub. Ahhh did you like that? Now you can go rest and find the wifi pass code. Yawn let's do that after you sleep. Yes the thrill of cozy pajamas and a nice clean bed. Ahh that feels nice...zzzzzzzzzz Wake up! Wake up!!!! You have two hours before 6! Don't you wanna go out and eat tonight? Pshh your cousin might even take you clubbing or somewhere nice. Its your first night here so let's get ready.
Nice outfit. I really like the style. Hmmm is it missing something? Hurry it up it's time to go. Your cousin will be here any minute. Dingdong. Your cousins back. Hold up they have a key to their own place so who is that? The peep hole!! Look look look. Who is it? Oh that cutie from Beast. How nice he came to visit. You know I really think you guys hit it off. Lets see what he wants so open the door. Ahh he looks good tonight. Don't pounce! Lalalalala he is so fine and his voice is great.......Oh your cousin isn't showing up for dinner how shocking. Oh but look this guy is here ready to feed you. Why not go with him? He is here on time so why not go have fun. So did you like your dinner? He sure knows how to feed you eh? Plus the company was great. He smiled and was very proper. I really liked how he held the door open for you and made sure you didn't step in the puddle of mud. Oh my heart is aching and I bet yours is too but the nights not over yet. You need desert and this guy is taking you for ice cream. Now what will you choose? They all look good but only one makes your mouth water.
Wow I bet that tastes really good. You should have this guy bring you out more often. I mean when he is not busy with Beast. I'm sure he would love to come again. OK dates over. Go home. You've spent enough time with him now go change and rest. Who knows when your cousin will show up but hey at least you had a good first day here. Oh by the way is this guy gonna give you a call so you can hang out again?
If does then that's great. If not then we still have other games for you to play in the future. You never know.
Oh that was such a good story tell! Looking forward to see what happens with these numbers! so. . . 6. 5. 4. 3. 4. lol
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Thank you guys. 💚
4,6,1,54. Hopefully this numbers work out for me lol. This story is really cute can't wait for more games 😊😊❤
3,5,6,3,4 Let's see how this works out.
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