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Sad, sad day for Teen Top fans ㅠㅠ

L.Joe filed for a nullification of contract from T.O.P Media that was meant to last until January 2018.

He says his biggest issue is that they are not letting him have solo promotions.
According to AKP: The friction started last year in October of 2016, where he met with T.O.P Media about renewing his contract. He had decided to leave TEEN TOP and stand by himself, and the label apparently put limits on his solo promotions.
The label did not interact diligently with the producers. Even though he was repeatedly contacted to appear after being offered a salary that fit his role, acting experience, and recognition, the label did not make any negotiations on his appearance. For a drama 'A' who contacted L.Joe first because they wanted to cast him, the label asked for a salary 7 times his previous, and the offer fell through.

Stay strong Angels!

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I don't even know this group and I'm angry. Why are people so damn rude, LET THE BOY LIVE HIS LIFE. FREE L.JOE!!
10 months ago·Reply
Istg...I don't know what to feel anymore, why couldn't the company just give him his damn solo? Niel got his solo so what's the deal with L.Joe? It seems that this is a yearly event, it happens all the time now. With the rest of Teen Top renew their contracts? Theirs was supposed to end in June I think. Why can't the companies learn from each other and listen to the artists and give them what they want. This is a big issue that needs to be addressed and fix so this doesn't happen again...💔💔
10 months ago·Reply
@SerenaArthurs I agree! none of this would happen if they just listen to the artists. all he wanted was a solo. GIVE HIM THE DAMN SOLO
10 months ago·Reply
Well it bothers me that they gave Niel a solo track, but not L.Joe? Well that's not fair at all...I'm so sorry to Teen Top stans...Stay strong L.Joe!! We'll continue to stay by your side 🙏🙏
10 months ago·Reply
good luck for our L Joe. its sad he wont be in teen top but lets support for his success 🤗
10 months ago·Reply