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Vote BIGBANG in this years KCAs

Hey guess I came across this a while ago OMG I can't believe that our boys are nominated for a KCA this is awesome they deserve this award and much more let's vote for them you can vote more then once but you have to vote for all the categories in order for your votes to count plz spread the word come on VIPs we can do this even if your not a VIP plz help guys lets show the world just how amazing our idols are wether Male/Female. Our days have been full of sadness since our baby T.O.P left for his mandatory service lets post this on social media to show him how much we want this award for them it must have been hard for him to leave his members and fans he must feel sad and homesick so let's CHEER him up by voting for them plz spread the word guys thanks in advance our Kpop fandoms are life I love you guys ❤❤❤❤. I better hurry and post this it's the 3rd card I've made that I had to rewrite everything ugh 😑 dumb update Here's the link🌎