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HJ: "I don't have a girlfriend yet. It's not easy to love because right now I really like doing my job. Love can be anytime. But a good role, if not now then you can't do it anymore. I don't want to miss the opportunity to take on a good role, so right now I want to be more devoted to my work. If I have to say my ideal type, I like a woman who drinks well. Haha. I usually enjoy drinking soju. I want to share stories about this and that by drinking soju together, having good conversations with her. Even though in the past I said that I like a woman with long straight hair and oval-shaped face, but even if she looks that way, first of all our hearts / minds need to be compatible, right?" Source: Sports Today interview LOL OPPA IS CUTE SEXY SWEET HONEST HUMBLE AND JUST THE BEST I PRAY HE GETS THE GIRL OF HER DREAMS INSHAALLAH AND AMEEN <3 <3 <3 :-) UNTIL SHE COMES OPPA U R MY NAMJA OK LOLS LOVE YAAA <3 <3 :-* credit 2 ss501 @facebook
@jolenec lol oppa surely knows what he wants ;) <3
Hea got his priorities straight! Hes got it!
so cut picture
hahahhaha yeaa if she is someon i love its ok :D
@hebamaher Haha ofcourse i would be jealous 2 4 sure but if he gets an unnie dat i ca approve of 4 sure lol i will be really happy for him da one he truly deserves my best wishes are always thr for him 2 have a successful future and a happy family life saranghaeo oppa it will be hard but i can do it just wait until i get married Hehe until then u have 2 be single and be my namja muahhhhs saranghaeo ♥♥♥:-*
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