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Houses information

First house; House Of Exctessy

Second House; House Of Disquietude

Third House; ?

What are these houses?
These houses are a little project the fan fiction team has worked on. Two members are working one one house. The sorting categories goes as the following: Smut, Angst, and fluff. Each house represents these genres and more information should and will be given depending on which house you enter.

How This Works
The main objective of the project is to get more people involved within the community. This is a little competition between the houses; the house with the most published stories will win. Prizes and such are still being discussed. For now, recruiting is most desireab
Other information
These houses are all pure fiction and the team has worked hard on these.

Each house has the following;

Each house will be having its own members, and their own taglist. If you would like to be tagged in any or all of them please comment on this card, or shoot a message to any of us (supporters of the community) and we will add you! If you would like to join any house, please let me know as well!

Please look forward to this upcoming house project!
omg i FORGOT @Queenlele
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wow, i look forward to this
Tag me in all please :3
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