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anime: Blue Exorcist
Shura is super epic, she's really funny and an amazing fighter, she also doesn't really care what anyone thinks xD
She fights with a demon sword, and she is teaching Rin to control his demon powers and sword.
of course we all know that babysitting Rin is not an easy task xD
Luckily she's laid back and knows how to relax xD although sometimes she a very irresponsible adult xP

Hope you like my card! and if you haven't seen Blue Exorcist it's a must watch!!!
have a great day!!!
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haven't gotten around to watching the 2nd season but I will most likely watch the first season just to refresh myself
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Yeah I did that just last week xD the new seasons pretty good so far although there's a couple things I felt they're kinda back tracking but it could just be me maybe I assumed they were resolved when they weren't xD
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