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Just a reminder this is for my sunshine @Bangtanss. I really do hope you enjoying this story.
First chapter is in Jinwoo's POV
JinWoo’s Pov I hear the muffled sounds of weeping escaping from her door. My heart aches for her but at the same time I feel guilt and anger. It’s been months, 8 months to be exact since she and Jin have broken up. I knock on her bedroom door of our shared apartment.

“Y/n, can I come in?”
She stops crying and the ruffling of her sheets and small footsteps can be heard. Before I know it She is standing before me. I look at her beautiful eyes and smile down at her. She looks at my hands and immediately her face brightens up as she takes her favorite ice cream from my hand and pulls me inside of her room. She flops on her bed and pats the side next to her where I lay down looking up at the stars we put on her ceiling.
“y/n, why were you crying?” “Jinwoo, I promise I wasn’t crying over Jin this time. I was crying because I am half in love with my gay best friend and no nothing can become of it.” My heart pounds blindly fast inside my chest. She’s in love with me. Again the guilt seeps in and my heart starts to calm. I’ve been hiding a secret of my own from her. I’m not gay but bisexual though I am madly in love with my boyfriend. “Y/n,” “No, Jinwoo, don’t say anything. I know you are in love with Mino. I am truly happy for you. I just wanted to let you know before it ate me up on the inside. I also came up with a list of things I wanted to do. I think I need to learn to love myself first before I even think of loving someone else. Do you want to hear my list.” My hand finds hers in between our bodies and I interlock our fingers. “Of course I want to hear this amazing list, dollface.” She giggles at her childhood nickname I gave her. “Ok, first,” and I smile as she holds a finger up in front of her faces. “I’m going to take more art classes.” I smile, her art was always good and made her happy, but then she slowly stopped doing her art when she was together with her ex Jin and even more so when they broke up. “That will be nice, I could always use another Y/n masterpiece to hang up on my walls.” She playfully hits my chest. “Ya, don't expect freebies, you need to pay for the art,” she teasingly jokes. “Second, I’m going to start taking dance classes. Third I’m going to take cooking classes so I don’t burn water anymore.” At that one I couldn’t help but bust out laughing remembering how she forgot about the water on the stove and burnt the pan. She sat up and looked at me. “Ya, it’s not that funny.” I give her my really face and soon she’s laughing as well. “That’s nice,” I start to say. “What’s nice?” “The sound of your laughter. I haven’t heard it for about a year now. I missed it.” She holds up a four fingers “Fourth, laugh more, smile more, and throw away anything that reminds me of Jin.” “Want to do that now?” “Not right now. Tomorrow for sure. Right now I want to lay down and look at the stars on my ceiling talking with my best friend and catch up on the life I was here for but not really here because of the depression.” I pull her back down to lay on the bed. Her head on my arm as I start talking about Mino, and my dreams of the future. I must have been talking for what seemed like an hour when I heard the sound of a steady even breathing. I look down at her face and see her beautiful eyelashes fall across her cheekbones as she sleeps. The smirk that creeps up on my face isn’t out of pure reflex but out of admiration and hope for my best friend to once again become the confident girl she use to be. She turns in her sleep and wraps an arm around my torso and I hear mumbling. I try to make out the words in her dreams but I can’t quite make out the words. I must have laid there for another thirty minutes just stroking her hair and back while I ruminated over how much she changed in the last two years and how much guilt I felt over the break up with Jin. I never knew my words, actions, and affection would affect their relationship so much. I debate rather or not to tell her the real reason Jin broke up with her is because of words I said to him after seeing him with a few other girls. I have no idea if he was cheating or not but it seemed that way to me and I had threatened to tell Y/N if he didn’t do it himself. I feel so guilty to later learn those girls happened to be his sister and the sisters of his two friends. I was about to get up when I felt her squeezing me tighter and hear her sob and feel the tears that fall in her sleep. “Jin, please, why are you breaking up with me. Jin, stay I love you.” Her sobs become more pronounced and even after all this time she still loves him deeply to be dreaming about him. I go shake her gently to wake her up. “Hey, y/n, it's a dream, wake up.” No response. I try a little harder. “Y/n, please wake up.” Still no response so I wrap her up in a hug and murmur words of comfort into her ear. And run my hand soothingly up and down her back. I don't know how long we stayed like that but I eventually fell asleep with her wrapped up in my arms.
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