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Otaku Style: Child's Name
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9 months ago·Reply
There is a couple who actually did this. Named the kid Alukard. 10/10 I'd say. Best otaku parents ever.
9 months ago·Reply
I would if girl thats a hard one because i have to many names to choose from. 1. Erza 2. Sinon 3. Charlotte 4. Mei 5. Xenovia 6. Koneko 7. Akeno A boy would be different. 1. Ichka 2. Issei 3. Kirito 4. Gasper
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I forgot a few for the boys names i couldnt remember all of them at the yime
9 months ago
Hiro, like Hiro Mashima!! You all know him. And many other famous anime characters. Let him be known!! But I'm sure he will get called high-row bc our pronunciations haha.
9 months ago·Reply
I would want to but my spouse probably wouldnt XD
9 months ago·Reply
Thats when you convince your spouse that its their idea to name the child what ever name you what it to be
9 months ago