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A Short Smut Story of Jay Park


Warning... Smut!!! Dont get caught. xD Enjoy!!

Quickly, I assembled my day outfit: a black bikini, an oversized hat, a soft crimson blanket, and a pair of oversized glasses.  For me to take my normal gazing post, it was important that I was not seen. I walked along the path that led away from the pool and climbed the hill. At the top, I unwrapped a turkey sandwich and began my undercover work. Jay made laps around the surface of the pool. This must have been how he kept in shape. I heard that while in college, he played water polo and several other aquatic sports. Lydia loved to talk about her son. Story after story proved that she had an intense interest in him. It appeared as though we had more in common than just my father. For the next hour, I sat under the shade of the trees at the top of the hill, inconspicuously looking over at the well-built man who was striking interesting poses on the lounge chairs. His body never ceased from grabbing all of my attention. While I wanted to stay for longer, this particular afternoon was much hotter than usual. Beads of sweat began to form under my hat and trickle down the sides of my face. When I had enough, I decided that it was time to call it a day. “It’s okay, Jen, He does the same schedule every damn day; you won’t be missing a thing.” The problem with going to an all-girls boarding school was that it was comprised of all girls. Not only did our cycles sync, but we also raged on one other. Sometimes, it was impossible to discern over which of the girls hated me more. The good that came of this was my quick learning on how to be cunning. If one girl planned to take me down, I found about it first. Then I would take her down. All of the female pupils came from affluent families. However, my father being a billionaire meant that I had the most friends. My mother was also a well-known fashion writer and socialite, which helped with this as well. I was the brainy hybrid of their brief marriage. For years, my mother was the “other woman” when my father was first married. He divorced; she became pregnant, and soon they exchanged vows. That was, of course, thrown to the wayside when my mother discovered that she wasn’t the only other woman. I was certain, however, that my father had changed his ways. Now at the age of sixty, he no longer seemed to marry for status. Lydia and Jay Park came from a prosperous community on the other side of the state. Her late husband, Jay’s father, came from old money in Korea. After his unexpected passing, they inherited most of his money. However, it paled in comparison to the amount of wealth my father had obtained from creating new uses for plastics in war, spacecrafts and automobiles. Walking back down the hill, I found my way into the house and shut the door. I placed the blanket on a chair and threw the wrapper to my sandwich in the trash bin. Quickly, I rushed up the stairs to change out of my bikini. After entering my room, I found the dress I had laid out for myself on the bed. Just as I removed my sunglasses, I noticed that someone was standing in from of me.
“Hello, there,” Jay greeted me from the doorway to my room. He was standing in a towel and still dripping wet with pool water. “Good afternoon,” “Where is everyone else?” “Gone.” “Gone?” He inquired as he walked toward the kitchen. A bright red apple sat on top of a basket of fruit. Jay picked it up and took a bite with his incisors. “How vague can I be? I apologize, they went to pick up my brother.”
“Oh, yes, Is it August already?” “It’s hot enough to be.” “I like it hot,” Jay said looking me in the eyes for a brief moment. I felt a sting arise in the pit of my stomach. Then he changed directions. “It’s Simon, is it not?” “Yes, my brother’s name is Simon.” “Our brother’s name is Simon,” “Of course,” I smiled back. Suddenly, I felt wrong in watching Jay all of these weeks. “Well, I must be going.” “What were you doing up there?” “Up where?” “On the hill. I see you there every afternoon.” “Just eating,” I lied. “Eating? Are you sure... Your not spying?” “Whatever do you mean?” “You aren’t as sly as you think you are,” Jay said as he placed the apple on the countertop and took a few steps closer to me. “Also, that red blanket gives you dead away.” “Whom would I be spying on exactly?”
I asked as I stared him deep in his eyes. I was determined to not let go of my stance. “You are a good liar, Is that what they taught you in boarding school? I bet those girls were just the worst.” “I’m confused, What is it that you’re getting at?” “It’s okay if you were looking,” Jay took another step and we were just a few inches apart. “It’s also okay that you secretly wanted to touch.” With that, Jay dropped the towel to his ankles. In front of me with the most handsome, inked naked man I had ever seen. His cock was dangling like a lure right in front of me.
Right away, I wanted to accept Jay’s invitation. His cock was beautiful and growing by the second. Still, something in the back of my mind that kept me in my corner. “What’s wrong, Jen? Don’t you like it?” “Stop it, What if someone sees?” “It’s Sunday,”
Jay said as he moved closer. “There’s no one else around.” Suddenly, we were touching. His tall, hard, naked body pressed against me. Slowly, Jay’s mouth moved to mine. My lips willing accepted his intrusion as they locked in a kiss. His tongue raided my mouth. It was warm and sensual as he tossed about my mouth. Tingling sensations began to rise out from the pit of my stomach. Jay’s touch was like magic. His masculine, yet playful energy radiated around the room as we kissed. I felt his large hands make their way to the small of my back. He pressed me in closer, and I felt his strength. Still reserved, I kept my hands to the side of my body. He seemed to take notice. One of his hands slipped away and grabbed my wrist. Next to his large hands, my hands were like tiny little toys. Then he slid my hand onto his chest. I felt his smooth skin on top of his rock hard breast. Jay moved my hand further down. I felt the individual bulges that made up his abdominal line. More stings came from my gut as he slid my fingers further down his body. My index finger found the indentations at the top of his hip bone and pressed in deep. Jay pulled away from our kiss. “Oh,” “You like that spot, don’t you?” I felt dreary from his electric touch then I look deep into his eyes. “Well, then you’re going to love this,” He smirked as he pushed my fingers down the slopes of his hipbones and into his field of perfectly trimmed pubic hair. My hand continued its journey until it found something warm and girthy. Suddenly, I was gripping onto Jay’s thick, erect cock. “Yes,...Play with it more.” he groaned I stroked at it a bit as he moaned. The truth was that Jay’s was only one of the few that I had held in my hand. The first was a boy I lost my virginity to a few summers back while on vacation with my mother in the New York. This cock, however, was much more sizeable, and delicious looking than the others I had seen. In fact, it was so delicious that I needed to try it. “Go on,”

Jay said as he looked at me.

“I saw the way you looked at me every day on that hill. Show me what you’ve wanted to do all of this time.”
My eyes shifted up his inked body to his face. Jay gave me a flash of his shimmering teeth. They were perfect. Almost overtly perfect. I wondered how many girls he had shown his body to and they had been on thier knees for him. Whatever the case, I was determined to show Jay that I wasn’t like any other girl. “Be careful, Jay,” I purred as I glared at him. “I’m not like the rest.” Then I unfastened my bikini top and let the straps fall to the ground. His eyes widened as I pushed him onto my bed and grasped his cock in my firm hold. Bedroom Games. “Fuck!” he groaned as I swallowed him whole. Traces of my spit washed down the sides of Jay’s meat and onto my fist. When things became too messy, I stroked him hard, using my spit at lubricant between our contact. “You’re fucking fantastic at this.” “Mmm…” I moaned as I sucked him up and down in long, hard strides. The truth was, I didn’t think much of performing fellatio. What I did enjoy, however, was the way that it made him squirm. As his legs spread and kicked, I knew that he was mine for the taking. All I needed to do was look pretty while acting like his little slut, and Jay would do anything that I asked. “You’re going to make me finish,” Jay growled as he pushed my head away from him.
“Isn’t that the point?” I said as I climbed his body. Jay stared at my breasts, which hung just an inch away from him. I pressed my lips against his, and we kissed. Jay eagerly swirled his mouth inside of my mouth. I felt his hands grip harshly into my ass cheeks as he pressed me closer. We pulled back, and a small amount of saliva stuck to my bottom lip. Jay leaned forward and licked it off of me. Then his face changed from being a pleased boy to a wild man. It was as if he had caught onto my game. His powerful arms tossed me onto the bed. “My turn,” he snarled. Suddenly, he flipped me onto my stomach and then lifted my legs. In one motion, he pulled down my bikini bottoms. With my legs spread, and my face pushed into a giant pillow, Jay attacked. His mouth pressed deep between my spread legs. “Ah…” I whimpered as he took me over. I could hear him making sounds of pleasure as Jay thoroughly tasted me. His tongue slipped out and ventured deep inside. I could feel him wetting me slowly with his watering mouth. Both of Jay’s hands gripped my buttocks. At first they caressed the skin softly as he lapped at me. That was until he became even more excited. When Jay realized that his tongue couldn’t go any farther, he licked me up and down in clean swipes. Sensational tingles exploded with each of his laps against my tender skin. Just as I was about to let out a moan, he surprised me. His licking had gone up even further and touched against my other opened. For a few moments, I felt Jay spreading my ass and licking me in what turned out to be a very sensitive spot. “Wow,” I moaned as he teased me with his wet tongue. The mischievous moment, however, did not last. “Enough,” Jay groaned. I looked back at his face. It was a mixture of absurdly aroused and nearly agro. He pushed himself up and pulled at my stomach. I was forced into a kneeling position as he placed his cock on me. At first, he teased me with it. The thick tool wiggled at my opening, spreading my lips apart just to have them cover back again. The more Jay teased me, the less I could take. “Please,” I begged him. “Had enough?” he said in a brash timbre. I didn’t care how arrogant he wanted to act. All I could focus on was his cock sliding into me. Suddenly, my wish came true. “Ah!” Jay wasted little time as he crammed his entire girth into me at once. Suddenly, I was full inside from his flesh. Every part of me was rolling with pleasure as his cock found the depths of my tunnel I felt Jay slapping his hips into me as he took me hard from behind. The distinct sound of skin pounding against skin echoed around the room. Unable to control myself, I moaned and wriggled about as he took charge. Just as I thought I couldn’t handle anymore, Jay stopped. He grabbed me and turned me onto my back. I was still for a moment, looking at his muscular body that had broken into a darkening sweat. His cock found my pussy again, and he plundered in once more. This time, he was able to reach different parts of me, rubbing and caressing my insides with his impressive girth. I felt the building coming on strong as he gripped my legs and pulled me back and forth against him. My hands reached for the headboard for leverage, but still, it wasn’t enough. The entire bed was an earthquake of steaming hot madness. My new stepbrother towered above me, fucking me like nothing more than a pleasure toy. Suddenly, I stopped being able to control myself. Screaming loudly, I felt my chest heave, and the spot between my legs light up like a flickering fire. “Come for me,” Jay commanded me as he drilled fiercely inside of me. I did what I was told as hot washes filled between my thighs, letting out rivers of pleasure that made my body go into convulsions. “Fuck, yes! Fuck, yes!” Jay pulled his cock out of me and stroked it wildly as he watched me continue to orgasm. I reached down and touched where he once had been. My fingers found his excavation spot, and I continued to rub myself. “I’m coming!” he groaned as he finished. Hot flashes of simmering cream pushed from the tip of his girthy tool. They sprayed all over me, landing at impressive lengths on my breasts and the comforter on the bed. I orgasmed once again, as I watched his muscular arms work out the remaining pumps of white cream from his softening member. As Jay collapsed on me, I could feel him heaving against my body. I was breathing harshly as well as I wrapped my arms around him. Out of the air, a small amount of panic rushed through my body. A cold sweat took me as I wondered about the man I had in my bed with me. After all, he was my stepbrother. Still, that may have been the entire reason behind this chance, yet sweltering encounter.

This story just for fun!!!!

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