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She sat quietly in his car for a few minutes, then turned to him.
“Thank you, I guess I did need your help after all. I wasn’t aware Cece would try and fight, always considered her a wimp. “
“I will always be there to protect you.” He turns her face towards him, “I protect what’s mine. I’m glad you were able to see that you couldn’t stay there anymore.”
“Yeah, I already knew that, I was just hoping it wasn’t a today type of decision.” She blows out a breath and picks up her phone.
“Ji-Hye, hey it’s Jak. I kind of have a problem, could you help me out for a few days?”
Jiyong turns to her, about to say something when she holds her finger up for him to wait.
“Yeah, it seems my roommate problem exploded.” She listens for a minute, “Well, I finally had enough of Tabitha.” She listens again, “No, there are no visible bruises unless she’s posing naked.” She hears Jiyong scoff and try to cover a cough next to her; she rolls her eyes at him. “No, there won’t be any charges, Jiyong made sure of that.” She reaches over and squeezes than pats his cheek. She suddenly screams into the phone, “It’s not my fault! They didn’t know I was there and I caught them trying to hide the jewels he rented for me to wear last night. They were going to frame me and say I stole or lost them. I snapped, wouldn’t you? Anyway, Jiyong made me pack my stuff so I need somewhere to stay until I can find myself somewhere new; can I stay with you?”
When she hangs up she notices Jiyong staring out the opposite window. She tentatively looks at him, not wanting to disturb him but needing to say what she found out.
She reaches out and touches his arm, “Um, Ji-Hye says I can stay with her until we find another dorm that can fit another person. She’ll text me when she gets off work so I can meet her at her place.” She pauses and since he still hasn’t turned to her goes on. “Is it okay if I hang with you until then or has something come up?”
He turns at that, a weird look on his face. He just stares at her a minute before he speaks.
“Jak, are you for real?”
Thinking she’s said something wrong she turns away, “Yes?”
She bites her lip and quickly adds, “It’s not a problem, I can totally be dropped off at the sauna. The upcoming photographer might appreciate that.”
He turns her face back towards him. “You are the strangest female I’ve ever met. Most wouldn’t ask if they could come over, they’d expect to. I already told you I intended to spend the day hanging out with you,” he bops her on the nose; “YOU are the one that got dressed and left.”
She nods; “Yeah, sorry. Our first day of being official and I’m already creating problems. I guess I don’t do this very well.”
He pulls her over so she’s almost on top of him in the backseat. “I knew you’d be interesting and an occasional headache.”
She tries to pull away when he says that but his grip tightens. "However, that’s part of what I can’t resist about you. It’s what makes you ... you. I don’t think I’m known for playing by the rules or being easy to handle either.”
He turns her head, palms cupping her cheeks, his face just an inch away.
“I think that makes us a perfect fit,” he whispers as his lips claim hers.