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Que tal peeps!

This is a fanfiction that is based off a dream that I had some month ago.

WARNING!!! 19+

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Sesshomaru and I decided that it was time for a vacation. The kids were grown and he was defiantly tired of dealing with the royal business. You call your children Harmony, Spencer, Sesshomaru Jr., Serenity, and Blade to let them know you both would be far away in a different realm on vacation. Harmony was the eldest and it was her responsibility to take her father’s place along with the help of her siblings.

I was packing my bags along with my husband’s bag. Harmony was watching me with her deep amber dust eyes. She looked so much like her father just like all her siblings. She sighed as I walked back and forth. It was beginning to get annoying.

“Harmony honey use your words. You are old enough.” I said while pausing what I was doing.
She began biting her lip. “Why you and dad have to go? You can just rest here.”

“You are nervous sweetie, but you got this. You are super smart.” I hugged her.

“I’m not worried about handling the job mother and thank you. I am worried about those knuckle head brothers of mine!” She paused and began pacing.

“I know your brothers can be a hand full, but your grandfather will be in the area if you need any help. Your father is having a talk with the as we speak.”

“Blade is not so much an issue it is those terrible twins Spencer and Sesshomaru! They drive me loca and if they make me upset I will….”

“You will handle them like you have some sense Harmony. Your father and I will be very pissed if we have to come home early and or come home to a messed up kingdom.”

Sesshomaru walked in with the rest of the kids following him. Spencer began whining along with his identical brother Sesshomaru. I pulled on their white puppy dog ears and made them sit down. Serenity laughed and Blade watched with disappointment along with Harmony.

“Sometimes I feel I am older than my brothers. You guys are pathetic!” Blade blurted.
Spencer laughed and threw a pillow at Blade. “What your mouth punk. Mom will not be here to save you this time.”

Serenity threw a pillow at Spencer. “Don’t bully my twin brother! Mom may be gone, but I will not mind beating your ass!”

“Children! You all are too old for all this shit! You all will take care of this kingdom and each other when your mother and I are away on vacation! If I get the slightest word that you all are fighting like pathetic children I will come back and treat you all as such!” Sesshomaru said.

“Yes, father!” The children say in unison.

“No, tell your mother good bye and leave us!”

Sesshomaru and I flew through a few realms before we made it to the one that we made together with our own powers. This was our own little secret place. As we approached this modern made mansion I could feel the stress melting away. Sesshomaru smiled as he opened the huge golden doors for me. I could see him beginning to relax. He was not as tense as he was when we were back home. The mansion smelled so good. The smell of cheery blooms was nice to the senses. I walk up the black chrome stairs to our bedroom on the second level. I threw myself on our huge king sized bed and watched as Sesshomaru brought in the luggage.

His muscles flexed as he picked up the luggage and dropped it down. The sunlight was hitting his soft pale skin just right. I instantly licked my lips and a micro moan slipped passed my lips. Mortal ears would not been able to hear it, but yokia hears would have picked it up 100 feet away. Sesshomaru heard my moan and could see how I was looking at him.
He grinned while flashing those perfect white fangs and amber eyes. I could feel my cheek turning red. He walked over to me in slow motion. Then he opened up on my legs and stood in between them while running his hands on my out thigh with that same smirk.

“I seen you looking at me like that love. We haven’t been here long and you want to fuck already.” He said in a husky tone giving me eye contact.

I played with his long moonlight hair that was neatly pulled back in a long braided ponytail. I twirled it around my finger as I bit my lip softly. He smelled so good. I wasn’t full yokai but I am half and smells are a huge emotion trigger for me. He was right I wanted him so badly, and this place was made just for that.

“Baby, I do want you.” I whispered in his ear.

“Well, we just got here and I am staving.” He said.

My smile instantly dropped. He sure knew how to ruin the moment and he loved taking me high and dropping me. He loved the control and that was his way of teasing me. Low key I wanted to shove his face in my crotch and tell him dinner is severed, but he was hungry I could hear his stomach growl. There is nothing sexy about a growling stomach during sex.

I kiss him softly and then walked down stairs to cook him something. I figured I would make something quick like a steak, sautéed spinach, and a baked potato. I began gathering the items to cook and I can hear him running the shower. I season the steak and began cooking it on our built in grill on the stove. He loves his steaks medium rare and I make sure to cook it perfectly as my steak cooks longer I popped the potatoes in the oven. When the steaks were finished I left them out to rest. I was super busy and focusing on cooking.

I was at the sink washing the spinach. When I felt Sesshomaru’s minty warm breath on neck. I gasp and then giggled. He wrapped his arms around my waist and began kissing me neck. His scent of twilight amber musk flooded my nose and I paused to pay attention to what I was doing.

“Baby could you throw some tomatoes in with the spinach?” He asked.

I walked over to gather some tomatoes and when to the sink to wash them. He wrapped his arms around me as worked. I placed the tomatoes on the cutting board. Sesshomaru began sucking all over my neck and rubbing me through my shorts. I bit my lip and moaned as I tried to not cut myself. I asked him to stop, but he did not listen. I paused from cutting the tomato.

“Baby you said you were hungry. Let me cook in peace.” I said

Sesshomaru smirked. “You are right I did say I was hungry. I think I am ready for an appetizer while you do your duty.”

I went back to cutting and the next thing I know. Sesshomaru was under me between my legs kissing my lips down under. I gasped in surprise and he grabbed me and held me still. He ripped off my cotton shorts and opened me up to find my nub. I squirmed and he grunted in frustration. He slapped my butt and I stood still.

He found my nub and began lightly flicking it with his tongue. He always teases me. I began cutting garlic and he began sucking intensely on my bud. I almost fell. I held on to the sink as he made loud sucking noises and he glided his index finger inside me. I could feel myself dripping as he inserted another finger.

“Sesshomaru….baby.” I gasped.

He stopped and stood up behind me. He began licking my ear. “You want me to stop my love?”

“You said you were hungry and…”

“Was I not eating?” He said.

He jammed three fingers inside me from behind while using his other hand to rub on my bud. He was rough and I love it. I could feel my legs shaking and my vison getting blurry as I heard the wet noises.

“I want my wife to squirt all over this floor. Do you think she can do it?” Sesshomaru said.

“Yes, yes..” I panted.

I couldn’t even speak I was so high. I could hear him telling me to squirt and I felt myself pouring on the floor as an intense orgasm came over me. I bit down so hard on my lip I broke the skin. I almost fell but my husband grabbed me. He lifted me up on the sink and I watched him lick his fingers clean. He moaned and winked at me. He then licked the blood from my lips.

“My baby tastes so good.”

I grinned and I noticed a huge bulge through the white towel he had wrapped around his waist. I used my powers to cut off the oven, so the food would not burn. Sesshomaru slowly took of his towel. He was engorged and I could see some sticky substance on his tip. I licked my lips. He walked towards me and I grabbed him softly by his member. I softly ran my hand up and down his shaft while teasing his tip.

“I want it in my mouth baby.” I cooed.

“No, you didn’t finish cooking dinner, so you need some punishment.”

“Sesshomaru you came in here and…”

Before I could finish fussing he grabbed me and slammed me on his hard member. I screamed as my body stretched wide to accommodate his size. He began slamming me off and on him as he stood up. I was groaning so loudly and so way he. I thought I was about to come again it was super deep inside me and all I could hear was own skin slapping against each other.
I wrapped my legs around him and he ripped off my shirt. He found a wall in the kitchen and held me up against the wall and began pounding me and sucking on my hard nipples. My senses were so high I was all over the place.

“I wanna see that face when you come baby.” Sesshomaru groaned. “You feel so good.”

“I want it inside me Fluffy…all of it.” I moaned in a slurred tone.

“All of it baby?” Sesshomaru moaned while looking me in my eyes.

I shook my head and he kissed me deeply. He tasted so good and I could tell he was about to come. He and I came at the same time. I could feel him let a huge load inside me. It felt so good. My body shook so hard as he held me. He pulled out of me and I swear I hated the separation. I could feel pieces of him exit me and drip on the floor.

“Look like we may welcome a new member to the family soon.” He laughed.

“Well if so let’s get it in and enjoy it while we can, but let me finish dinner first!” I kissed him and he laughed.