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WTF??! What?!!
If you wanna know what group he's in he's from Boys24. I liked them and such but when I saw this I was like wtf, I'm not saying I hate the group but really?? Why post this or say this? What are your thoughts about this?
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heard the company isn't going to allow him to continue with Boys24
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@MaricelvaRomero well if he expressed himself about fans in such manner , he is NOT Idol material. sorry to say it..
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wait he actually said this I though someone made this as like a fake post or something
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I don't know much of this guy or the group but if you do things like this that will hurt the groups image and you will be a) kicked out of the group and become a flop or b) will lead to the groups disbandment or having fans hate on you more and more
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like example A-Kor, they had great potential but it all went downhill when their rapper kemmy did a diss track on Park bom during the day she's was taking pills for her mental health issues and was somehow caught in a drug scandal
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