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Hello Blinkies! Its Melissa with my late Rose Wednesday. I'll BR sharing some Rose videos.
Rose solo focus
EXO Chanyeol and Suho reaction to Rose performance
BTS V reaction to Rose part of BlackPink performance.

Well that's all for Rose Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed the reaction videos.
Why they got my girl lookin like a serape? Chanyeol's reaction was priceless, he was gettin it. It seems he has a thing for YG girls, will always be ChanDara in my heart. Taehyung's was adorable, the way he turned to the camera direction. Honestly those award shows look so fun like that fanchant gave me life, seeing some of my favorite idols in the same place dancing to each other's songs is...I don't know, it makes me happy.
@SerenaArthurs I'm torn too between watching the performances and idols reactions to the performances 😁