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Yang Yoseob guessed stared on the "Life Bar" and was asked if he had a girlfriend. Yoseob pointed out that there is no point on asking idols that. He stated that it should be a uphold for idols to keep their romantic relationships to themselves or share. He shared that sometimes idols have partners and they're some that don't. He even pointed out that he done still have a girlfriend.
I have to agree with him. I think that all idols deserve to have that part as their own. If they want to share they can. I know we all want to know but I believe it is their privacy. I really don't care if my UB is dating I just want him to be happy. I think all idols deserve that.

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I do think that idols have their right to a private life. As hard as it may be for them, due to media and paparazzi, they still want peace to themselves. And if that means they want to date, then they date. THEY ARE HUMAN TOO. So yeah I agree with you and Yoseob.
I agree with you too.. they're always in the spotlight and should at least have something for themselves that's kept from the public if they wanted.
I agree. I also think they should be free to date openly and publicly without it becoming a scandal. They are real people with lives of their own. The industry, media and fans need to get over it and realize they will date and marry and have families and it most likely will not be with a fan.
I agree. My UB dating will be sad at first but hey just because I adore them it doesn't mean that I'm the only one. They work so hard for us and for us to judge their personal lives in return is not fair.