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i have been super inspired with the tour coming so im super happy to release chapter 11. thank you everyone who reads these. i appreciate your comments. hope you all are enjoying
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"Good morning beautiful." He smiled at me so perfectly.....what did i do last night?!

I laid back down and shut my eyes. I was still dreaming. That had to be it. I peaked my eyes open only to be met by hobie's beautiful smile. I grew bashful all of a sudden and drew the blankets even tighter around me. Hobie ignored my gesture, wrapping his arms around me and drawing me to his bare chest. He kissed my forehead, then my nose. He leaned in for my lips but i quickly covered them with my hand. "I have morning breathe" i squealed, thinking about how much i had to drink the night before. Hobie laughed and temporarily released me to roll over and grab something out of his pants pocket......" Oh....my.....God!!!" I began to panic. "Hes not wearing pants!!" I began to paint a mental picture of what could have possibly happened last night. I was interrupted when he rolled back over with a tick tack in hand. I reached out to take it only for him to take it back. "nuh uh" he said waving his finger on his free hand. He grinned. He was enjoying this way too much. "Say ah!" He smiled....i needed to get rid of my morning breathe if i planned to hide my body in bed until he left. I sighed, closed my eyes, and said "ahh!" Instead of a tick tack, i felt his lips encircle mine as his tongue slipped in to my vulnerable mouth. I gasped with his mouth still on mine catching a sweet minty flavor. After a few more seconds of exploring my mouth his tongue unfurled to release the tick tack onto my own tongue and then he pulled away. I was stunned. He had gotten a lot bolder since last night. The tension was killing me! I had to know if i was a low down terrible cheater or not!!! "Did we.....well umm you know.....last night?" I blurted out, unable to form my words into a proper sentence. Hobie was silent. I began to chew my lip until he burst out laughing. "No you crazy girl. Is that what youve been worried about? " He asked. "Drunk or not i would never take advantage of you in that way." I sighed in relief. "but wait....why am i wearing your shirt?" I asked narrowing my eyes at him. "Look down" he said still laughing at me. I looked and noticed that the flannel button up he had worn for our date was backwards but obviously buttoned up" "....but how did i..." I began to question. "I said i would never take advantage of you.....you on the other...." "Oh no! " I groaned trying to hide in the covers. "buttoning you up in back was the only was to keep you from completely stripping. You said you couldnt sleep with a bra or pants and i couldn't keep anything else on you." I held my heavy head in my hands completely embarrassed. I tried to jump my best friend.....while i was drunk, but that was no excuse. "Why don't you have any clothes on then?!" I asked trying to remember anything past the 4th bottle of soju last night but it was all hazy. I remember something about flowers, i remember going to a store, and i remember him carrying me to my apartment. I also think i remember saying something i shouldnt. Hobie laughed. "Dont hurt yourself." I looked at him confused. "You were concentrating really hard. I could almost see the smoke." I pushed his chest playfully. He caught my extended arm and pulled me closer, holding my hand to his heart. I could feel it quicken as he looked at me. "You....you never did answer my question" i said trying to change the subject while chewing my lip. He leaned in to my ear closing the distance between our bodies. I could feel his body heat through the button up. "Because....i dont have pajamas here" he whispered slowly backing away. I couldn't help but burst into laughter at how silly i was letting my imagination be. This was Hobie we were talking about. What could possibly happen. His face grew serious "there is something we need to talk about though." I sighed as my head started to pound. "Can we talk after some aspirin and some hangover soup?" I moaned as i burried my head back into the pillow. He chuckled. "Your wish is my command." He said stretching out of bed to go cook.

"Wait for me. You cant cook" i sighed forcing myself up too. I thought about changing and putting on some clothes hobie obviously wasn't and he wasnt being awkward so why should i. Plus i kind of liked the way his shirt felt on me. It smelled like him. Immediately i shook my head. What was i thinking. We made our way to the kitchen when there was a banging at the door. I stumbled to the door wondering who it could possibly be this early when i heard a key insert into the lock. I froze panic welling up inside me. Hobie came from the kitchen, still in his boxer briefs, just in time for jimin to burst through the door. "What the hell?! Ive been calling you all night!" He said trailing off as his brain caught up with what he was seeing. His face darkened.

"Its not what you think! " I said unsuccessfully trying to cover myself more. "Well.....i knew you were easy, but i didn't know you were such a whore." He sneered. "Jimin please listen...i" i began trying to explain. "Jimin....shut up before i make you." Hobie said injecting himself like a shield between me and jimin's verbal attack.

I had never seen this side of hobie before. "This is none of your business hyung" jimin said the last part sarcastically. "this is between me and my girlfriend!" Normally i would be happy that he finally admitted i was his girlfriend but it felt wrong on his lips. "Anything you have to say to my WIFE does involve me" Hobie shot back. Jimin's jaw dropped. "Wife!!!!" I squealed

To be continued???

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its already a work in progress.
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