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So this is my MASSIVE Blood lad painting that i just finished and I am SUPER proud of it! xD its going strait up in my bedroom. I think its the biggest painting Ive done in a while :)

Please let me know what you think and what i should paint next! (Heres the progress pics too..the one with my hand is for scale)
Girl you did a fab job~ You should draw Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul XD Btw so jelly
thank you!! :) thats a good idea! im thinking of drawing him for my lil anime book
@MoisEsGaray heres the finished thing :)
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thansk dude!! :) ill try xD
@whatamooy Yo thats awesome, Your a really great artist! btw I love Blood lad!!!
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@whatamooy Nah don't worry about it! 😁 at least you tried so thanks a bunch.
@KingHamura this is the painting :)
Awesome NAKAMA!! Blood lad was great too!
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