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I hope your week is going well. I'm finally getting over a cold.
Feburary 8th was a very import day for Cross Gene, they released their new MV "Black or White" which is AMAZING!!! And second it was Seyoungs Birthday I hope he had a wonderful day with family and friends. Our leader Aims did a beautiful job on a birthday card for the special day if you haven't checked it out do so by clicking HERE!!!

OMG dark Takuya is slaying my goth heart, I mean when I first saw the video I literly was screaming but no sound was coming out because I can't talk because of my cold. I always knew he would be super sexy with a dark side I just yeah fan girl over load. But then I was suprrised by the white part, I mean they all rocked white, but I don't know what it is about Takuya it has to be his eyes and his stare because this look just killed me I died 100 times just rewatching this part so much so I had to make a gif of it....
Thanks to Cross Gene this Candy is offically in a world of feels and this video now has become my #1 video for Cross Gene I love the song, I love the video I just love Cross Gene!!!

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omg I loved Takuya in this era
Takuya 😍
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@merryjayne13 I can see why 😊