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Let me be very honest here. I wasn't with them during their very first day of debut and I can't promise to stay till the very end. I am determined to do so though, it's just I dont want to make empty promises that I can’t keep.
So, Bangtan Sonyeondan. Who knows they will snatch my attention and turn me into a Bangtan trash within few months? As a longtime VIP who always keep herself updated with the newcomers in KPOP yet make no effort to stan them as much as she stan BIGBANG; applause to Bangtan for breaking the records. One of many reasons I don't really pay attention to the other groups aside from BIGBANG back then is because I know myself better than anyone. Once I stan a group, I'll start to analyze their music career since the very beginning. I'd listened to their old albums which and watch their old interviews until I am satisfied with myself.
But Bangtan overruled my previous self-restraint-rule.
LOL. You see, I noticed them during their Boys in Luv era and chose Kim Taehyung as my bias at first sight. I listened to their songs; yet as I have mentioned before, I don't really fangirl over them. My definition of fangirl includes searching for their old and latest videos, watching their live stages, watching their goofy moments on youtube and keep updating myself with their latest schedule. PLUS being proud of them for whatever they're doing. But then I found Rookie King and HYYH series happened. Then I found American Hustle Life and I started watching their videos on youtube. And I downloaded all of those mentioned above together with their goofy videos. Bangtan Bomb really plays a big part during those moments.
Well, there was no turning back after that. They mesmerize me with their passion in music. And the friendship between them is annoyingly beautiful. Oh, them fanboying over BIGBANG is a BONUS POINT!!
Gradually they're filling inside my heart with their own character. I like how they're so passionate when they're talking about their music. I like how inspiring they try to be towards the others in achieving their dreams through their lyrics. I like how each member have their own past stories that moved everyone's heart when they brought them back; not because of sympathy but because of how long they've come for. I like the small little things they did or they have as habits such as Seokjin with his flying kisses; Namjoon with his poetic and wise words, Taehyung with his forever memes face and funny dances as attempts to make others laugh; Jimin as he literally throws his body when he laugh; Jungkook with his bunny smile and the look he puts on his face when he dances; and Hoseok when he effortlessly being a sunshine either with his dance or his words. (I'm your hope, I'm your Jhope) is still my favorite though!
I don't know how to explain this but for sure, these young men have their own vibe that attracts me to continuously adore them. I don't think I have any second bias in Bangtan at this moment. Taehyung is my bias since the very beginning, hence I kind of have soft spot for him all the time but other members are so adorable and charismatic at the same time it’s hard to just simply ignore them. I like all of them. Aha, I concluded that all of them are my bias. It's easier that way.
I am so proud of Bangtan. They deserve the recognition that they received from the big award shows in Korea and internationally through BillBoard charts and others. The awards are more meaningful for them as they participated in producing their music. I swear I literally jump out from my seat whenever the announcer mentioned "BANGTAN SONYEONDAN". Their reaction was priceless and its heart-warming to see them being humble with their speech while thanking the ARMYs and those working behind the stage. Namjoon’s speech during MAMA for the Artist of the Year award in particular is my favorite acceptance speech.
“Teamwork makes the dream work”. Let’s all support Bangtan in general and love each one of the members equally. Love you, fellow ARMYs.
***Thanks to the Vinglers team for such opportunity. I had so much fun when writing this. It feels like I'm pouring my inside thoughts into this card. I am relieved. It’s hard to tell others about this as I am afraid they would think of me as an over-expressive fan but it feels good to let it all out through writing. It is one of my wish to own merchandise or an album from my favorite artist/group. It is embarrassing to admit that since 2010 when I first introduced to KPOP, I own nothing more than an old VIP light stick. Thanks to a friend of mine for the birthday present. I’m in my glory final years of studying now; hopefully when I work I manage to fulfill my long desire to buy merchandise(s). Thank you to those reading this long paragraph!!